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The Misfits Where Eagles Dare. Where Eagles Dare Misfits Collections 1.

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Misfits Danzig Where Eagles Dare. Where Eagles Dare The Misfits where eagles dare by the misfits.

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WED has halos no doubt. Can anyone post screencaps on how they look on BD? So we can more easily tell from EE halos. When they add a lot of EE it's easy to see, for it's not just halos, it's the whole "crispy", "electronic" look the image takes on. But when you see only halos, is it reasonable to assume they're optical, or just low EE?

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Kelly's Heroes also got a 70mm run, so it's a good bet that that flick also got a 6-track mix. And there are definite hints of the 5-channel spread dialogue in the 5. So while I suppose I can stop pining for a mono mix, it doesn't rescue the quality of the dialogue recordings in Kelly's Heroes, which are surprisingly poor IMO.

I can recall this effect also being very strong during certain scenes of Deliverance.

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One of my favorite WWII movies of all time. Lots of great memories watching this on TV with my father back in the 60's. Glad to be seeing all the bits I'd missed. On my " FP rig in the basement I can see the difference, but it is not that significant. Facial details look missing in both, but that's just my camera. On BD you can barely make out the faces.

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On the DVD no such problem. Some may find the BD less objectionable than me because of that, since it may very well be the more accurate. I'm not though. I didn't think that was possible I'd have to say that its a show-stopper for me, I've watched about 50mins and simply can't bare to watch anymore, Disappointing, I could live with the less than stellar transfer but the dimness of the picture is a killer.