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Originally posted by kin-sama. Tiziano and Squalo had been dating for a long time. They were young, but they were both forced into this gang work given their pasts. When they were around each other, they were happier. They were definitely in love with each other. The two were on the roof of a hotel when they decided to confess their feelings for each other.

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He looked back down at his boyfriend as well and smiled back. And a super cute piece that was inspired by this by Notapensiveemoji! And some uber awesome pieces of Chapter 8, Chapter 11 and Chapter 18 by Mikasslime! Please check them all out! Funny Valentine is a social worker who has set out on a task to help a group of delinquents see the errors of their ways and become good members of society.

But he realizes its a hard task to do alone, and so he gets help from Jonathan Joestar, a daycare worker.

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He said working with kids can make anyone become more kind and generous--but Valentine wonder if that's really the case. Squalo sat back, his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. The watch on his wrist ticked in his ear as he tried to calm his racing heart. But what always happened was that he was unfulfilled afterwards. One night stands that left him feeling even more empty than when he began. It was a little slip of paper that had been slid into his pocket the other night at the bar.

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All For One has been defeated. The Vilian under world has no leader, and Shigaraki is looking to take it. Tiziano, The Crimson King is looking to expand his territory, and deal with the League of villains. Sheila E joined Passione with one goal and one goal only- to murder the man who killed her sister. Unfortunately, sometimes the best laid plans are thwarted by the fact that you're really gay for the mob boss's daughter. Pannacotta Fugo is angsty. He enjoys long walks on the beach, screaming at seagulls while on long walks on the beach, and accidentally falling in love with golden haired girls who have an affinity for turning bricks into various reptiles and amphibians.

Leone Abbacchio would absolutely love to take her wife on vacation at some point, but they have too many heinous and and she isn't dragging them along with her. It shows that you'd rather put yourself in danger than the other person getting hurt, and in some ways, it's almost like you care about the person too much to let them die.

Squalo one seems to lean me towards lovers, as I've never seen many friendships that actually have that level of commitment. So what tiziano you guys think?

Do you and they were a couple, or could they have just been really good bros? I'd squalo to hear your thoughts and opinions. Also I wrote this entire thing at 12 am because I couldn't get the thought out of my mind, so sorry if any wording is bad. I just needed to post this or I wouldn't have slept lol. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Well, let's get started with this analysis. Point One: The Relationship Representation It's no secret that the stand user pairs in Part 5 all represent a different type of relationship. Sexy teen nude molester Comments JJBA jojos bizarre adventure squalo Tiziano squalo and tiziano shipping art my art digital Black and White fanart uh maybe pride Clothes Thief Unita Speciale.

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I hope you and the tiny pocket gang are having a fun holiday! Are they banding together for a egg hunt? Ask pocket-passione a question anotherjjbafan squalo and tiziano guido mista notorious B. G frommagio pesci narancia ghirga [[Sorry this is so late Ive been pretty much bed ridden for the past few days : but thank you so much again! I am sorry for the obsessive SqualoTiziano posting today. What even.