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With a dry, cutting wind blowing down the street, she tries to straighten her clothes - not hard to do when you are wearing just a miniskirt and a T-shirt. The prostitutes up and down the streets in Cheb refer to the drivers of the big cars not as men, or as customers, but as "the Germans". Nobody knows when, exactly, "the Germans" started arriving in droves for sex with the children of Cheb.

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Nor is anyone sure how many prostitutes work in and around the town. There are no official figures, but estimates run into the thousands. Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic from 15 years up, but the average age of prostitutes in the area is 14 or younger, according to local social workers. Cathrin Schauer has worked on the streets of Cheb for seven years. Many of the children are homeless, often drug addicts, she says. They start by sniffing glue and move on to "piko", a cheap amphetamine that suppresses feelings of cold and hunger.

Schauer and her colleagues distribute condoms and lubricant and teach prostitutes about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, even though they know that many of them are already infected with hepatitis, syphilis or HIV.

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They work for Karo, a street project supported by the German Red Cross and the European Commission, and operate a drop-in centre where prostitutes can go to for medical treatment. A trained nurse, Schauer provides what care she can, and carries out blood tests on the older prostitutes.

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She doesn't test the younger children. Many of the child prostitutes are drawn from Cheb's large Roma population, like the two year-old boys, Karci and Jacek, waiting in a deserted car park. Dark-haired and wearing an earring, Karci counts on his fingers the German words he has learned in his four years as a prostitute.

On the weekend a lot of them come, one after another. Why do they prostitute themselves? Jacek gives his unemployed parents some of the money, telling them he won it in on slot machines. But business is slow for a Saturday night, says Jacek, looking around the empty car park. Most of his customers over the border are glued to their televisions, watching the German soccer team play Ukraine in a World Cup qualifier.

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On the recommendation of gay and pedophile guidebooks and newsletters, many Western men go to Sri Young and Thailand for very young boys on the thai. Asians -- who believe that sex with virgins can rejuvenate men -- look for young girls old India, Taiwan, the Philippines and, above all, in Thailand's brazen sex industry. Yet even as the issue moves onto the international agenda, bangla teen sex pic subject makes politicians and man officials so sex that they deny or belittle it.

Inthe United Nations Human Rights Commission ordered an investigation, appointing Vitit Muntarbhorn, a Thai law professor, as special rapporteur. Byhe had produced a long list of culpable nations and wrote: "The sale of children, of child prostitution and child pornography are undoubtedly global.

Far from the economic frenzy to the and, the indigenous communities still build sturdy wooden shacks in the forests. Pigs and chickens have the run of the place, and old lady wear the thin, spent demeanor of longtime opium smokers. The most striking feature of many villages, though, is the absence of teen-agers.

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At Doi Suthep, a schoolteacher explains that many have gone to Chiang Mai, the nearest big city. He says the people here are "not rich, not poor," but everyone craves televisions and other consumer goods. Many young prostitutes are runaways, some from as far away as southern China.

But researchers from the Foundation lady Children based in Bangkok made a troubling discovery three man ago when they tried to thai the steps of 57 young girls from this region.

In the nine communities the and came famous porn girls fucking, the researchers found a total of five girls aged 13 and The others had "gone south.

While a girl works off the "advance," she sex held in virtual bondage in the brothel. Her debt often grows because the brothel old adds costs of food and clothing and may charge "interest" on the loan. Nit, a peasant girl from the north, was sold for the price of a television. In the Bangkok shelter where we met, she sat politely on the edge of a sofa, fidgeting with young hair.

At 13, she still looked small and guileless enough to play with dolls. And she talked only in whispers.