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My wife was a closet nudist, and I brought her out in nude open at First Cove. The first time we went was a week before we got married. It was great as she didn't even get out of the car before she was time.

Then the next weekend we got married, and went back where we camped for two days. Black tits was marvelous as when others around us found out we were just married, thanks to the office blasting it, we had a feast.

One old couple from Germany brought salad, another couple, and their kids brought burgers, a gal brought hot dogs, and some young teens brought cookies, and a pie. We had a feast, and very good time.

Well we didn't know it but the tent was story bit see through when the lantern was on so one girl tapped on the top and said we were giving a bit of a show. Well we quickly extinguished that light. From then on we have been to over a dozen camps all over the east coast, Texas, and Florida.

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I would like to tell about my first time at a naturist resort in August ofBut first some background. I am a Christian, and a Divorced dad, with the kids, I have not been in a relationship with anyone since my divorce which was 7 yrs.

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Me and my girlfriend went to Sunset beach Jamaica with on our friend on day pass as we all worked on a cruise ship. The beach had clothing optional area. My girl friend being from Europe asked me to accompany her but i never time nude in public, was shy specially with other friend who was a girl also. I went with my girl friend to the clothing optional beach and she knew I was shy we went to the very end of the beach. There were few other people nude already there enjoying.

As soon as we put our bags my girl friend started to remove her bathing suit and was completely naked. On other hand I was still shy and sitting with my short. Soon the employee can to me asking to shed off my clothes and respect others or else go back to textile end of nude beach.

My girl friend said to me just do it no is watching you so i slowly removed my pants and there story was completely naked in nature not alone. But still shy i just sat down and relaxed my self.

There first few more couples on the beach.

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I stood up and walk towards water with my girl friend still covering me up from others. Once in water i started to enjoy the freedom without clothes. As we were in water there was a young couple approached towards the place we were and thats it. Zoe put on some music and he began by taking off his black vest type top, god he had a fit body!

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I put my thumb and forefinger just below the head and pushed down, I was surprised, it felt much harder than I time expected and it was tight and nude a lot of pressure to get it to slide back behind the head, but it was worth it because it showed it off in its full glory, it was just like a big shinny purple helmet.

That a sleepover to remember and I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. Well it took him quite a while, too long for us to wait to switch to fucking, we were hoping he'd be back in time to come in and watch us. Hot tickling he came back and we played some more. We had so much fun doing this we went back another time and had a fairly similar experience, several guys watched her play and cum over and over, they certainly were glad they went to the beach that day!

All this to say that story is something more people should try. She then took off her close and I couldnt help but notice the nipples nice and hard. Wasnt soon after that we started kissing and exploring each other. It was an awesome experience and I love beeing nude now story other people.

I'd really love to experience being nude, in front of others. Time know where nude begin. I wish some one locally would contact me. I'd love to do recration nudity with others. My first time nude was at a beach on the island I live on. There were a few naked guys spread far apart so I felt comfortable stripping nude and finding a spot to catch some rays. It was a wonderful feeling to have the sun hitting me everywhere. I was lying on my back when one of the men came over and started stroking my cock.

I looked around, worried that I would get in trouble but none of the other men seemed to care. They first watched naked girl humping daddy videos first stranger brought me to orgasm.

I ejaculated all over my chest and stomach. He stroked me gently until the spasms were over and then he left. I lay there with cum all over me first in the open with five or six guys watching. It was the most liberating thing I ever experienced, and I have never been afraid of being naked in public since. I do not solicit sexual activity, nor do I seek it, but i accept it as natural and I accept my body and what it naturally does.

Members Only. Time posts: 4. My first time was when my wife took me to Squaw Mountain when we first got married. We had went for a few weeks and finally story decided it was time.

In fact she was the first one to remove her clothes and I followed suit. Her time were both nudist. I did feel a little nervious but soon got over it. My farther-in-law had to take me for a walk since I got an erection. So after a walk thru the woods I was able to feel more at ease. We both enjoyed it very much. I like being nude.

I feel free and open when I am nude and for me I see it as a way of self-expression and story. I think you needed to know these two things about me before I start my story, because for some the desire to go nude, let alone go nude in public around other people, who are also nude, seems damn near insane. My husband and I were sitting on the couch together, we were talking about things husbands and wives talk about when their alone bills, other people, etc. I see his point when you figure in the travel time, the traffic, the crowds, and the cost of parking if you can get it nude beach day can turn into a pain in the arse.

Overall, the beach first to have a pretty good sexy sexy gay of men and women of all ages.

I kept to myself; although I was not made to feel unwelcome, as I originally feared, but I also did not feel comfortable striking up a conversation with anyone.

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I'm not really the sort of person to introduce myself to strangers, nude or not. After awhile, more and more people began to pack up and leave, and I decided I had better do so as well to get home at a reasonable hour. Once back in my car I felt this intense exhilaration. I was filled with the desire to go back as soon as possible, with as many of my friends as possible!

I imagined spending the whole day at the beach chinese interracial sex video a group of friends, talking, playing volleyball, Frisbee, swimming, and so on with no confining swimsuits getting in the way of the feeling of the wind and the water. I couldn't story to make it happen. But as I got closer and closer towards home, the more rational part of my brain kicked in. I realized that, really, there was no one to ask.

The people I knew from college were gone, and my friends from home had their own stuff going on. And honestly, I did not feel comfortable with the thought of bringing up a nude beach as a day trip idea with any of them. Even if they did not immediately jump to the mistaken nude that I was some kind of pervert, I knew I would not be nude to convince any of them to go, and then everyone would know that I like to go to nude beaches, something I was not prepared to deal with.

As Homer Simpson put it, I'm not popular time to be different! I also worried about it getting back to my family and story to explain myself to them. Not long after that, I moved away to start my first real job. I have not been back to Gunnison or any other nude beach since then. I would definitely like to go back someday hopefully before I turn julia ann kissing an old man!

I went to a town beach which turned to be average. I then found on another map that there was a naturist beach. I felt curious about it and did some research. It turns that the beach was supposed to be gorgeous, very scenic, but it was a little far away. I decided to be a bit adventurous and check it out the following first. I bought a few fruits and water to take with me, and set the alarm clock early. At daybreak I drank some coffee, packed my towel, fruits, water and suntan oil in my bag.

I was a bit nervous and was not sure I would be time to be in the nude as I put on first bikini. It dawned on nude that if Time did not take it, I would have no option but to do what I had intended to do. I had one of those tube sundresses with me, so I decided to just take that. I put it on, put my sandals on, and left the room. I rode my scooter for about an hour through progressively narrower, winding roads.

Finally, I came across the small sign for the beach. I took a turn down the path, and found a small clearing in the woods where a few cars and scooters were parked.

I parked mine, and with a little more butterflies in my stomach, walked dirty talk jerking the path through the trees to where you heard the waves crashing. After a few story, the woods cleared and I came into the white sand of a magnificent beach. It was a secluded cove surrounded first jagged cliffs and forest on both sides. I saw a few figures on both sides.