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In many other animals, females mate with many males, or can store sperm inside their bodies. Some have chemicals that incapacitate their rivalssome have barbsand some team up with their brothers.

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Others win the competition by simply being very long and fast — some fruit flies, for example, have sperm cells that are a couple of inches long. When competition is intense, every sperm counts.

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But the naked sperm rat has no sperm competition at all. In any single colony, with around gif to 90 individuals, the only ones that can reproduce are the queen and her male consort with a couple of possible affairs on the side. With such fixed fates, there is no reason for the other males to compete for mating rights, and no reason to have Olympic-level sperm. Sperm structure and motility in the eusocial naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber : a case of degenerative orthogenesis in the absence of sperm competition?

BMC Evolutionary Biology in press. Indiscriminate squid just implanting everyone with sperm. Hermaphrodite insects fertilise daughters with parasitic sperm.


Sperm war — the sperm of ants and bees do battle inside the queens. Why do female seed beetles prefer the sperm of inferior males?

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The sexual battles of flatworms: gif sperm, mating rings, traumatic insemination, and going down on yourself. Pocket science — sperm races and poison-stealing voles.

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