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He shaped the my body, making me seductive, created my hair always long and wavy to remind me that I have to be sexy, taught me how to act and be lascivious to win her favors … And today she set me in this dress, to make me absolutely feminine and her docile bride and amateur naked farm girls Sissy forever! How I wish my girlfriend would guide tumblr to be his partner!


I feel this white light as if it came from me …. Omg she is so strong and beautiful! They watch so many porn that they become desensitized and induces erectile dysfunction. This puts the beta male into a state of panic and they become more depressed, their dick becomes more dysfunctional and their porn preferences change from normal straight fucking to more extreme forms of entertainment like bukkake, creampie gangbangs, etc. They are only excited by the most extreme forms of straight porn that they can possibly find.

Usually the porn they begin to prefer includes some worship and focus around cum.

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They are now obsessed with porn. It is the only thing that gives tumblr excitement. They are not even concerned about their small dick anymore. They can only get hard from watching porn. They love watching the porn actress obsess over love. This is the beginning of the development of a cuckolding fetish. He begins to admire the strength, vigor, cock length, and aggressiveness of a real man. He sissy more porn of guys with big cocks usually black men impaling white pussies and literally fucks his mind.

He wants to fall in love with a whore who shares a mutual interest: a love and obsession with big cocks. The beta male also craves to be humiliated by a woman for having such a small dick. You are officially a O. L Obsessive Compulsive Cock Lover. Continuing on from the last point, tumblr are now a porn-addicted, cock obsessed beta male. You spend all your time jerking off to your fantasy. You have no social life, no one to talk to. All amature cell phone nude guy do is fantasize about drinking cum, sucking cock, having a mistress humiliate you and increasingly fantasies about them making you dress up like a girl and pleasure a man.

Love porn preferences have been changing all the while and you have started becoming excited by shemale porn which after a few searches leads you to finding sissy hypnos and crossdresser porn.


You have never experienced a sexual rush like this before. The hypnos are telling you everything you knew about yourself from an early age. After being exposed to sissy hypnos, there sissy only two sissy one of them is to keep living in a fantasy world, dreaming about your non-existant sexual life and amerika porno sex with depression, frustration that will leads you to be a O.

M Obsessional compulsive masturbator. The other is to put yourself out there. You begin to interact with people and start creating lots of sex profiles on websites like fetlife, tumblr, pornhub, xhamster, etc.

You are just curious to see what is out there. At this point, you start taking pictures of yourself dressed up in panties to attract attention to your profiles. As you build up confidence, you start posting better pics and this may or may not lead to a sissy sexual encounter maybe with another crossdresser. It is the love match.

Sissies tend tumblr love showing off their bodies and will begin feminizing their bodies at all cost. To fund their obsession with making their clits smaller and their boobs bigger, they will go into the cam sex industry on sites like chaturbate or even fulfill their dream of being a hooker.

The sissies who work hard on their image and are truly serious tumblr becoming as feminine as possible team up with the likes of tiatizziannifeminization and become models and porn stars winning lots of awards and making real money. They find daddies who are rich and willing to pay for their full transition and have all their love come true.

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