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Find a woman who can make you laugh and you're glass-half-empty-lifestyle won't seem half as bad. There are bunch of beautiful haired funny women red there but since we are focusing on redheads let's place one at the forefront: Ellie Kemper — star of The Office and Bridesmaids — who is quirky and cute and a barrel of laughs.

Alyson Hannigan first rose to fame due to her involvement in the American Pie franchise. Hannigan has a knack for playing the pseudo-sexual parts. Which is why when a fake Alyson Hannigan sex tape began making the rounds you couldn't help but check the thing out for yourself. Not only to find out beauties its was hot Alyson Hannigan but to compare the exploits of the tape with all those band camp stories. If the name Gillian Anderson doesn't ring a bell than perhaps the name Dana Scully will? That's right.

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Gillian Anderson made the pant-suit look good while attempting to debunk cases of paranormal phenomenon and alien asiananal. With The X-Files set to return in earlyfans of the series are sure to be salivating at the thought of Anderson back in her traditional attire.

Six Feet Under was an HBO television series that dealt strongly with the concept of death while maintaining overtones of family drama and common issues. However, the presence of death was very apparent — which might have contributed to its success. One of the stars of this dark series was a woman named Lauren Ambrose who played beauties character of Claire Fisher — a sometimes disheveled other times elegant looking redheaded beauty with a passion for art, need for rebellion, and hidden soft haired.

When Miranda Kerr walks a runway, does anyone really care about which Victoria's Secret item she is wearing? Did Kate Moss ever really sell anybody anything from Calvin Klein? The model means nothing. She is a mere figment of the male red and Angie Everhart is no exception. Back in the '90s, Angie Everhart became one of those Sports Illustrated swimsuit girls who men would ogle over whilst flipping through the pages and sitting on the John — daydreaming about women they can never have.

Angie Everhart — who also posed for Playboy — remains a hot and fiery redhead to this day despite occupational uselessness. Popstars: The Rivals was a British-based television talent show that — like most American-based talent shows — was a glorified singing contest among wannabe popstars. While she did not emerge the victor, Nicola Roberts — along with four other contestants — would be placed into a pop group known hot Girls Aloud.

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Nothing special to report about Girls Aloud. Typical pop group stuff. When Girls Aloud disbanded, Nicola Roberts would branch out on her own in hopes of solo success.

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Nicola Roberts seems like a high-maintenance type — prone to complaints — but that doesn't deter the top-notch hotness of this pale redheaded popstar. Yeah, we all know that scene. The red hair, green eyes, light skin, shoulder freckles, and rapid gyrations livegranny com make for a steamy situation.

Julianne Moore is not only a talented actress but a vocal activist sometimes a little too liberal as well as a children's author. With the mix of her good looks, Julianne Moore is the ideal woman — as long as you're not a gun-totting, illiterate right-winger.

The story of Lindsay Lohan and her deranged affairs is a tale of much scrutiny, family dysfunction, sexual ambiguity, and excessive party-mode-mayhem.

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Lohan has been through the ringer but is alive to tell about the trip. Source: ning. Source: theplace2. Source: wallpapers-photos. Source: celebs. Source: fabuloussavers. Source: myskinaffair. Source: gotceleb. Emma Stone Not a redhead by birth, Emma Stone has been dyeing her head red.

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And we love it. Source: visualizeus 2. Natalya Rudakova There's something about those red freckles. Source: imgur 3.

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