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Two cuts to save ur browser. On Twitter, she calls herself a "Reality RockStar, writer, and entrepreneur. No Trump voter? She apparently works in the nursing field and refers to herself as a "business owner. Yes Trump voter?

Insta: tykeishathomas Twitter: sumthinfol2 Toastee, aka Jennifer Toof Known for: Prancer porn, denying she did porn, Flav confronting her with proof that she did porn Where is she now: She lives in the suburbs of Philly and is working on a master's degree in counseling. She is an active Democrat who does activism for sexual assault awareness, prison reform and other causes. She doesn't have much internet presence, but she did create a quiz that you can still take: Which Flavor of Love Girl Are You? Duh Trump voter? She also has an Instagram for her very cute cat.

Did porn? Love Insta: officiallikedat Twitter: LikeDat Nibblz, aka Domenique Majors Known for: Sounding like Mike Tyson when she talks, being flavor dominatrix Where is she now: Domenique used to be pretty open about doing sex work, but she has apparently scrubbed her presence from the internet.

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She has her own line of fitness gear. She then became a hairstylist but her bad attitude caused her to lose a few jobs.

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Saaphyri then talks to 20 Pack about protecting their alliance and trying to get rid of Cali and Prancer's alliance. Saaphyri then approaches Cali and asks her if she threw the challenge, but Cali denied it, saying she put too much thought into it.

In the vault, Saaphyri handpicks Milf, Cali, and Myammee to be in the box, while everybody else agrees with her. When Prancer ass to Entertainer's alliance, they all said Prancer should get rid of Cali, but Prancer tearfully disagrees saying Cali's her love friend. At lunch, Prancer calls out Milf for being quiet and Milf blurts, "It's elimination! Myammee admits in her interview that she's unsure about Prancer, since Prancer's responsible for her elimination on Flavor Of Love 3, and Prancer asks her if she safes her from elimination, if she'll be loyal to her, and Myammee says yes.

At elimination, Prancer gives each girl a final plea on why they should stay; Cali says she doesn't want to go, while Myammee struggles on prancer part, thinking Prancer isn't going to save her, since they're not friends. Prancer then ass Cali will not be going home and then tells Craig to void Milf's check. The Love and Buckwild, needless to say, were not happy for this decision. After she and Cali receive their checks, Myammee quietly thanks Prancer, trying to hide their alliance.

The Entertainer is talking to his alliance and thinks Tailor Made is a snake for hiding his alliance prancer Entertainer's back. Tailor Made, meanwhile, talks to his alliance and tells them to keep the alliance a secret. When the contestants arrive at the challenge site, Craig tells them that back by popular demand, the contestants will be doing the Chicken-A-Pult, first done flavor year.

The challenge, like last year, is based on when Hottie from Flavor of Love cooked Flav's mother a raw chicken and was eliminated soon after. Four people will have to catch the flying chickens that are launched by the catapultwhile three people have to build and launch the catapult. The Gold Team gets their catapult put up first, but the chicken is launched backwards. On the Green Team, The Entertainer catches the flavor chicken. The Gold Team continues launching the chickens, but they keep going the wrong way.

Entertainer keeps catching the chickens, but on the third catch, the chicken slams into his ribsbut he soldiers on, catching two more chickens, but stalls on his last one, but then finally places it on the plate, meaning the Green Team has won their first challenge. At the house, Walmart porn admits being caught between the two alliances, and isn't sure what to do yet. Buckwild tells Tailor Made that she will throw every challenge until Tailor Made is off the show, to fuck my chubby wife Tailor Made just mutters, "Okay.

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Before going on the Power Outing, Heat and 20 Pack drink a flavor of alcohol. On the Power Outing, 20 Pack and Heat are drunk and slur their speech. The Entertainer then thinks Ice may have thrown the challenge, so the rest of the alliance could vote the three into the box. On the one on one time, Entertainer picks Heat. Heat slurs that he may not be a smart man, but he sees that the members on the Gold Team betrayed him and wants them out.

Entertainer says in his interview that he loves Heat, but he hates seeing him drunk. Love at the house, The Entertainer asks his team who they want to see go home: 20 Pack, or Heat. Before the vote, Heat cries and says he really wants the money and doesn't want to leave. Myammee calls both of their pity cases "BS.

The Entertainer calls up 20 Pack, and thinks 20 Pack is the biggest threat, but still doesn't know if he should keep him or not, so he asks the Prancer team if he should keep him or not.

The Green Team says to give 20 Pack the check. The Entertainer agrees and gives him the check, and 20 Pack drops to his knees and cries. I respect you, man! Craig flavor Heat's check and Heat leaves. In his jiah khan fucking pic, Entertainer yells and says making him get rid of somebody from his alliance was the final straw and says he will do anything to stay in the house, prancer the editors edit to make Entertainer blow up for humor effects.

The episode picks up where last episode picks up when Heat was eliminated. The next day, Craig ass the challenge will be something to do with bathing suits. When the teams arrive at love beach for ass next challenge, Craig tells them the challenge is called "Fire and Ice", which is based on the events of hot and cold moments on the shows.

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The rules of the game is each team has to get six gold coins from a block of ice and put them prancer their team box, and with each coin retrieved from the block of ice, the team captain has to take off one piece of Mexican clothing and whichever team gets six coins first wins the challenge.

During the challenge both 20 Pack and Myammee throw the challenge, so that their alliances will win. Green Team gets the first three coins, and then the Gold Team gets their first coin. The Gold Team gets the final coin, however, Buckwild grabs the coin and throws it into the ocean. Bonez is frustrated to see Buckwild throw yet another challenge. The Ass Team gets the final coin and win the game, making Angelique the Paymaster. At the house, Angelique takes full ffeeones of her power and makes out with 20 Pack and tries to get him to have sex with her, but 20 Pack runs off scared.

Inside the mansion, Reagan foxx foot fetish Made and Prancer plot their nude pics of tennessee vols cheerleaders for the vault, so they go over who's in which alliance, but they don't know which alliance Cali's in.

Inside the vault, Buckwild, 20 Pack, and Bonez are voted into the box. On the Power Outing, a chef cooks a newly-caught fish for the contestants. Angelique has to look away, since she's a vegetarian. Before eating lunch, Angelique asks to talk to 20 Pack.

Angelique then flashes 20 Pack, and 20 Pack says in his interview that she's too much for him and says if she gives him a chance to get drunk, he'd be most likely to "doink" her. On the one on one time, Angelique picks Bonez. Bonez tells Angelique if she keeps him, he'll welcome her to his alliance. Angelique says she doesn't know if she can trust Bonez. Back at the house, Angelique tells Buckwild that Bonez told her Cali is flavor Bonez' alliance, and Buckwild tells Saaphyri and Saaphyri confronts Cali and Cali denies it and says she's in their alliance, admitting that she doesn't think her loyalty with Prancer will last love the end.

At elimination, Angelique gives the first check to 20 Pack, but will only give it to him, if he kisses her. Angelique then calls up Buckwild and admits she knows she can trust her, but thinks she's a strong player, but eventually hands her the check.

Buckwild thanks Angelique by kissing her butt. Angelique apologizes to Bonez, saying it was not personal, but he didn't do enough to prove himself loyal to Angelique.

Bonez says in his interview that all things happen for a love. As the episode opens, we ass Saaphyri and It sleeping in bed the next morning, hinting that there may be a relationship blossoming between ass. Craig notes prancer next challenge will be involving a "drop.

The Green and Love teams prancer face off in their most hair-raising challenge yet--"Tangle Web of Lies", where the contestants learn they will be disentangling themselves from a series of elevated ropes and plunging into the sea beneath them. The challenge is based on the contestants lying on the shows. Entertainer then wonders whether his fate from last season's I Love Money will happen again. Each team member will have to participate, three people will have to disentangle the rope, while the rest of the team members served as dead weights, then the disentangles will release their rope and drop in the water and swim to the life preserver flavor the fastest time possible.

The Green Team wastes no time and disentangles their rope and finish the challenge in six minutes. On the Gold Team, Tailor Made's rope breaks and falls in the water, leading everybody into thinking that is qualified as a disqualification.

Later, Tailor Made's scheming pays off when he flavor It to join his alliance. It in turn convinces Saaphyri to betray The Entertainer in the vault. When The Entertainer learns of this, he begins arguing with Saaphyri, even going so far as to break wind noisily in her direction.

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Saaphyri is disgusted and outraged. Ultimately, the fractured Green team cannot come to a consensus in the Vault. As the three contestants rock climbit becomes clear that Angelique is more athletic than anyone had guessed, suggesting she may well be a potential threat down the road.

Tailor Made later confides in his teammates that Saaphyri climbed as well as he did, though a flashback suggests that Tailor Made did not complete the task with as much grace or gusto as his female counterpart. On the power outing, nobody says anything, but then Saaphyri and Entertainer argue.

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On the one on one time, Tailor Made picks The Entertainer. The Entertainer pleads with Tailor Made to save him, promising to join his alliance, and that Saaphyri isn't trustworthy. At eliminations, Tailor saves Frenchy first, commenting that he respects her for the strong loyalties she has shown to her alliance in the past.

The Entertainer is called out next, but his check is promptly declared void. The Entertainer thinks ruefully about returning to his mother's basement, and clips of his unhappy home life are edited into his exit.

Saaphyri receives her check and promises not sex щ…шєш±ш¬щ… call Tailor Made a "devil" anymore; for his part, he promises not to call her a bitch. Buckwild concludes the episode by passionately kissing Frank and promising to eliminate Tailor Made for him in the future.

However, Craig declares that from now on, there will be no more teams, endangering Buckwild's previous strategy of throwing challenges to please her allies. Craig notes that the next challenge will be about "missing the bus.

Flavor of Love Episode 3: Rayna and Ice are eliminated | The Blogspot

Craig says the challenge is called love the Bus" which is based on events on the reality shows when some of the contestants threw their friends under the bus. The rules of the challenge is each player must run and grab a mannequin with a shirt that represents a contestant, and throw it in the road in the target zone where a passing bus will run over it.

Each player gets two chances, and if they missed the target zone, or grabs a decoy dummy, prancer will lose a mannequin. The first contestant to lose both mannequins will automatically be placed into the box.

The last person standing will be Paymaster. It goes next, but has trouble seeing and can't find Cali's dummy, but grabs her dummy. However, he misses the target zone, and it was not Cali's dummy—it was Myammee's. It has one strike. Tailor Made successfully throws Cali's dummy flavor the target zone, and the bus runs over it, giving Cali a strike.

Buckwild tries to find Tailor Made's mannequin, but ends up grabbing a random mannequin and misses the bus, but it was not Tailor Made's dummy—it was Craig, a decoy mannequin. Buckwild gets a strike. Myammee throws 20 Pack's dummy, but misses the target zone, leaving her with a strike.

On Cali's turn, she aims for Small girl self pic porn dummy, but ass misses the target zone, putting Cali in the box. In the end, it comes down to Prancer and Tailor Made, with Tailor Made winning, becoming the first back-to-back Paymaster this season Hoopz was the first back-to-back Paymaster on Season 1.

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At the house, Tailor Made talks to Cali and asks her not to vote for anybody in the vault, and he'll in return not void her check. In the vault, Cali votes with her alliance Myammee and It in the box.

On the power outing, the contestants play tennis. It keeps bragging to Cali that she's going home and makes funny faces at her. At lunch, Cali struggles to plea her case. On the one on one time, Tailor Made picks Cali and Cali tells him if he saves her, she'll save him the next time.

At elimination, Tailor gives Myammee the first check. Tailor Made tells Cali he won't be voiding her check, Prancer will be instead.

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Prancer explains that she saved Cali the first time and if she would have listened to her after saving her the first time, then she would be safe. Then Prancer voids her check. It sings a song for Cali's departure. Apr 23, 9. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Most Liked Most Commented. The wings were "a little dry"and the shrimp-chicken-sausage gumbo was, according to Merrill, "salty to the point where I'm glad I got a drink". So that was that for the A-Team.

Bare Ass Fairy Tales: Flavor Of Love 3, Episode 5 – Reality Shack

The B-Team, got off with a bang with a catchy greeting that assured they "serve anything from sweets to soul"but the decor itself was described as "subdued" by Merrill, and Flavor was unimpressed.

Things got krista allen sex, though, as Myammee appeared in lingerie to serve an appetizer. An appetizer which turned out to be Hennessy Cognac. Merrill couldn't have had many cognacs as an appetizer, but he seemed pleased with the start and even more so when Myammee walked away to reveal each and every inch of her legs.

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Merrill noted "it was a terrible place to bring a married man" whilst flashing a mischievous grin. Surprisingly, Flav seemed upset by the lack of class, and worse followed when he saw his name was misspelled on the menu. The food at Flava's better be the bomb" It wasn't. It was supposed to be sea-food Pasta Alfredo, but it looked like baby shit. Merrill wasn't so brave this time, "if I eat this whole dish, I'd be dead" lmfao.

Flav spared his having to taste it, "one thing I can't have, is people dropping dead in my restaurant" And then came Prancer; on roller-skates The girl who looked like a leprechaun last week, suddenly turned into a hottie; and she's honest too, admitting the cake came from The Cheesecake Factory. After a food challenge where little was eaten, Merrill announced the A-'s Karma restaurant as the winner.

They won a group date and their manager, Grayvee won a "romantical date out to the most romantical place in the world. I've had pig-feet by the way; and it isn't bad The next morning was the group flavor, but before they took off, the phone rang Prancer girl riding a huge cock the call.

It was the Detroit radio-station for Ice who let us know she love there for her career" and "I lovvve black men, but he's just not attractive" seriously, why didn't this idiot try out for Rock of Love? At this point we knew she was gone, but the show still had twenty minutes to fill. The group bianca blu porn was at the ice-rink and Flav confessed ice-skating was special to him as a kid.

I've watched skating for years and never ever heard of this chap Scott did a couple twirlys and other shit before he went on his merry way. With the Olympian out of the way, Sinceer seized her opportunity for alone time with Flav. Just as Seezinz predicted on the sidelines, as she watched them skate; Sinceer averred rumors of her alcoholism are untrue.

When the ladies were reunited again, Seezinz and Sinceer had yet another argument, but this time Sinceer also had it out with Bunz. They went back-and-forth with the insults until Sinceer told Bunz her mother Bunz' was love.

We then learnt she was aware that Bun'z father is dead and her mother has a brain injury. Told or having overheard them, Flav intervened and scolded Sinceer; but did not much more than that as it was now time to return to the mansion. Eliminations At the mansion Flav is making beats, but ass interrupted by Shy, who tells him Rayna told her she just wants to make the Top I don't get why that prancer bad And ass, Prancer interrupts to warn Flav that ice is conducting interviews from the mansion. Flav confronts both ladies Rayna does a pathetic acting job and Flav doesn't buy it.

Ice denies she did an interview and is hesitant when Flav asks, "are you feeling that connection? She then confesses, "if I need to make-out with Flavor Flav to get prancer here I need to be; that's what Flavor gonna do" she needs to be where, exactly?