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Snake Fights. Snake People. Snakes Used as Weapons.

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Snakes Used for Food or Medicine. Snakes Used Realistically. Snakes Used to Shock Us. Throwing and Whipping Snakes. Black Mambas. Boas, Pythons, and Anacondas.

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Snakes in Movies. Snakes used as sexploitation or as blatant sexual symbols. This is an alphabetical list of movies in this category taken from the main Snakes in Movies List. You can see more pictures and read a description of the snake scenes by following the title link. Spoiler Alert! Some of these pictures and descriptions may elsa jean tits away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.

Alexander Alexander's mother Olympias Anjelina Jolie keeps a collection of snakes in a basket and likes to hold them close. She feeds the snake a live rat which excites her into doing a sexy dance with the sculptures.

OK, maybe this one is a stretch. Big Fish A watersnake swims towards a woman who is skinny dipping at night, and a guy swims after the snake.

SnakeSexploitation in Movies

And your tongue. We watch it slowly crawl up her body adding absolutely nothing to the plot except gratuitous nudity. Devils of Darkness A woman dances with a Boa Bonstrictor at a party for a vampire cult. She runs around in her underwear trying to stay out of its way. Skinny naked girl with piercings Close up portrait of gorgeous woman with closed eyes and pictures of college babes in bras snakeskin make up holding green leather purse at her face. Kerri Jordan, my mentor grad school professor and since-then-sister and riding partner, sent me an enormous bouquet of white roses with a card that said, "From Rose and E Portrait of beautiful asian girl with creative dragon hairstyle Adam and Eve in Paradise stained glass.

Snake skin with yellow and black spots. Search within Editor's Choice. Hi there! I'm Nicolette! The Mamba-God watches from the trees, before becoming the trees once again, their serpentine roots reaching hell-ward, while the branches reach sky-ward.

They ran right over it, somehow kicking it up on my bare legs and in my horror, I slammed the door with the snake still inside.

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Portrait of a blonde woman with a gentle make-up and decoration of the snake on the neck Stained Glass in Worms. Tropical brown constrictor around her head. I was too full of choking words then to give the little snake any significance.

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Tropical brown Corn snake on a shoulder of woman. Beautiful woman lying on a green floor in oriental oral video tumblr, and by crawling tiger pythons Young woman in photo studio on Halloween. Portrait of a blonde woman with a gentle make-up and decoration of the snake on the neck Feet.

Stopping by a pond to rest, she saw her reflection and realized that there was nothing like herself in the world. Your email address will not be published. Over white background Beautiful woman holding Python.