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Which brings us to the recent controversy over Adidas. Clever marketers presumably male came up with two shirts that the World Cup sponsor was selling in advance of the games later this year.

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One shows a woman in a bikini beside the slogan "Looking to Score in Brazil. After Brazil complained that the T-shirts were sexist, they were pulled. My 5-year-old daughter asked, 'Why is that woman dancing naked on TV, Dad? Our carnival coverage focuses exclusively on the female body, so by that standard these T-shirts are pretty tame. The World Cup will be played in Qatar, a country that is not known for its sex appeal. Women's activists often target the Middle East for its policies toward women.

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But as living in Brazil has taught me, for women, even having all the freedom in the world can be its own cage. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

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Don't Tell Me! NPR Shop. But both impose their burdens on women and have plenty of sexism to go around. Opinion Culture.

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Anybody who doubted that machismo was alive and well in Argentina need only have visited central Buenos Aires on Tuesday afternoon. The situation was soon out of control, with one of the women setting upon a man who was trying to take her photograph, while fighting broke out between men supporting the women and those intent on staring at them.

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One man approached the women and exposed himself, prompting further outrage. Eventually more women turned up, and pushed away all the men around them, including journalists. The protests were in response to an incident on January 28when police were called to Necochea, a popular beach in Buenos Aires, by some bathers who were outraged that a group of women had taken their bikini tops off. Xxbleedgoldxx nude three Argentinean women expelled last month by some 20 police from a beach in Buenos Aires for sunbathing topless would, in theory, have faced similar treatment from the authorities in most of the Americas.

In Brazila country seemingly obsessed with the cult of the body, topless sunbathing is banned.

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Officially, going naked is banned in Cuba, but is allowed on many beaches if done discreetly. Despite most states permitting topless bathing, local legislation tends to forbid it. In April this year, Argentinian newspaper La Nacion reported that one woman had been murdered every day that month. They kill a woman every 25 hours.

The state is responsible.

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