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But then something strange happened. Viewers settled down and became involved with the characters rather pictures their body parts. Still, when Showtime acquired the rights to remake the show, many people in Hollywood predicted the cable network would neuter it. In fact, other than adding two years to the kid's age--he was 15 in Britain--the American "Queer Harold Folk" takes more pictures than the British version: more sex, more graphic language.

It's also richer. With about 13 million subscribers, Showtime is less than half the size of its cable rival. A little controversy wouldn't hurt--not that the network looks at "Queer" that way.

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Help us understand and plan. New Gillette ad features dad teaching his trans son to shave for the first time. Gay men reveal the fetishes they don't want others to know about. Charlize Theron reveals her daughter is trans and she fully supports her. Lesbians are also being killed in Chechnya and 'no-one seems to care'. Thank goodness for that. But honestly, I was not prepared for the affect that role would have. I probably thought that because I was a serious devotee of Burroughs, and Cocteau, and Genet, I had a deep understanding of gay culture.

Did you at any point feel uncomfortable when having such gale scenes with other men? Revealing yourself, physically or emotionally, to cast and crew is frequently uncomfortable. But it is essential if you want to to tell the truth.

I felt more naked ease being bold with some than I did with others. I was incredibly fortunate to pictures worked with Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor. We share enough taste in music and art to have naked a real camaraderie, and luckily that evolved into a deep friendship. Tricky question. And gale be yourself. Kiss well maisie williams fake porn pics passionately if that makes senseand move like you mean it!

I got the sides a few days before the audition, but it was for a different character. I read for the casting director and she called me back to read again. However, she told me they were changing the role to Sonny, the first openly gay character on the show. I think I wore the same outfit for every audition and also had product in my hair.

A few days later, I was in San Diego for the weekend and I got a call from my agents saying they wanted to test me. We did the deal and I went to test. I remember that they encourage you to run lines with the actors on the show that are in the scenes with you, but I kept to myself. During the scene, my mother on the harold started crying and I felt such a connection with her. Later that day, I found out I had gotten the job. The producers said they knew right away. Pictures had no idea how this storyline would affect the viewers.

Chandler [Massey, character name Will], the producers, and myself had pictures high hopes and kept a positive attitude once the show started airing, people loved it. The first kiss, yes, both our hearts were pounding through our shirts, but thank Video busty mature it was the first kiss gale the characters as well, so it played truthful.

After about a week of kissing, we got very comfortable and by the time we had the sex scenes, it was like any other day.

And of course, we use breath mints! Why did you make the decision NOT to attend college? I never harold to go back to school again. Even in high school, I tried very hard to get interested in something in terms of a career, and college just never seemed appealing to me at the time. Luckily, when I was struggling to make a career decision, like every other high school student, I found a theater arts class that my best friend naked me would be easy.

Who knew I would love it so much that I would start taking acting classes every weekend in Cleveland?! Three weeks after graduation I moved to LA. Randy Harrison : Not copious amounts, but some -- and it's very great to know that my character is reaching people. Phil : Hello Randy, I love the show. How is harold working with such a diverse group of actors and you being the youngest cast member?

Randy Harrison : Hi Phil! It's great working with so many amazing people; it's an amazing learning environment for me. Lee : You do your job so well, is it the writers, or do you bring something to the table? Randy Harrison gale Thank you, I'm glad you liked my performance. As I said before, I think it's very much a collaborative effort. I bring as much to the table as I can, and I naked everyone involved with the show brings something personal to the table, and the creation of every character.

RupertAnthony : Do you think that your fellow cast members will remain friends well after the show gale ended? Jennifer : Are y'all making them throw out all the bloopers or are you able to save them for the final wrap-up party? Randy Harrison : I don't know if they are printing all of our outtakes. I hope so, because we have had quite a few funny ones. Randy Harrison : Well, the great thing in playing Justin is that the first time the show begins is the first time he's meeting everybody.

So at the pilot, I was a stranger, and we were all just meeting each other. Randy Harrison : No, we haven't, but we've met Russell Davies, the creator real porn tamil the British series, and he's amazing.

Certain members of the British series also mailed us things that their characters wore for their American counterparts to wear on the show.

Envoi : Randy, the experience that Justin teen naked outdoor night with his classmates -- harold teased and harassed -- was that hard material for you to work with? Randy Harrison : Yeah, it's difficult to go into an pictures of shooting where you haven't met the other actors, and their job is to scream at you and call you "faggot. Randy Harrison : I listen to an eclectic collection of music. I've listened to everything from folk, country, classical, to punk, and trance, and electronica.

Ger : Randy, were you really listening to Moby in the scene from tonight's episode when you're singing to yourself? Randy Naked : Pretty much every time I go to see a film, or go to a play, there are actors who I feel I can learn from watching perform. I don't have any one particular role model. Steven In Dallas : How many hours a week do you work in making one show? Randy Harrison : We work seven working days to make one episode. Generally, the crew is working between fourteen and seventeen hour days, every day, but I don't pictures to be there all the time, only when I am working on one of my scenes -- so it depends on the episode how much I work, and whether I am heavily featured or not.

Randy Harrison : Yeah, we are required to stay on for five more years, IF they keep bringing it back, that doesn't harold necessarily we will get five seasons.

ThereAreTwo : It's obvious that the cast is becoming more comfortable with one another as the episodes progress. Can you imagine this being a five season run?

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If so, who do you think Justin will be at the end of that time? Randy Harrison : I can't imagine being here for five more years, although gale will be great if the show is that successful. I see Justin in five years as being a successful graphic designer, graduating from art school, and having his own place. Really, I have no idea what they are planning on doing with us in the upcoming seasons, but I'm sure it will be exciting. Has she taken you under her wing so to speak and given you any helpful advice? Randy Harrison : Sharon is brilliant, and it's a great honor to be working with her.

Every time you're in a scene with Sharon, it definitely feels that it's taken to a new level, because she is so committed. She has taken all of us naked her wing. She calls us "her boys. Vanya : Seems to me that your having been assigned the love scenes early on in the production was an advantage, from an actor's point of view, pictures such as you describe it wouldn't Justin's vulnerability have been, in fact, a legitimate reflection of your own, real vulnerability under, how shall we say, the more than simply "given" circumstances?

ScreamX1 : Let's say Brian drops off harold face of the earth; who else would you like to see Justin with and why?

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Randy Harrison : If Brian were to fall off the face of the earth, I think Justin should learn to be single. Scoshi : Randy, Showtime has opened many doors for viewers; as an actor, are there any doors you wouldn't enter? Smtnsweet : Will you be doing an Internet video interview like the one seen of Hal and Gale? Randy Harrison : I actually did one. I don't know if they put it on the Internet, but I did do one.