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It was he who revealed that police asked for the show to be scrapped.

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It's about their views on the beauty of their clothes, beauty and personality. I most certainly agree with Antony that freedom of expression is of utmost importance. Home About About Mrs. About Mrs. T Anwar Managing Director. NPR Shop. It's got beaches, backwaters and the country's longest life expectancy and highest literacy rate. Plus, girls outnumber boys! Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. February 19, AM ET. Moreover, importance of yoga is malayali main characteristic of the ayurvedic therapy.

This includes boiled rice, spiced curries, sambar, pappadam, puliyam, kalan, olan, payasam, and other dishes altogether. Keralites are fond of spicy foods. No wonder, their foods include rich aromatic spices like, red and green peppers, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. We hope you have liked and loved Kerala beauty tips. We will be back with more exciting beauty secrets, do keep visiting.

KERALA-Know Everything Real About Land of Attraction

Peoples of Kerala worship elephants and snakes on different festival occasions. Lifestyle: The people of Kerala are very simple and down to earth people, they love to live in their own world. The Keralites also are very progressive in terms of cleanliness, healthcare and physical quality of life.

The elephants are an integral part of the daily life in Kerala. Kerala people are very protective about their religion and ancient practices, rituals and traditions.

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Villages: The villages in Kerala offer a feast to the eyes of the travellers by way of its panoramic view of the fields, farms, hillsides, rivers and lakes. The locals engage in fishing, farming, pottery, jute making and handicrafts. These villages with paddy fields all around and coconut trees are perfect to beauty a relaxed holiday.

Malayali 10 Reason and Place to Visit i n Kerala Beaches: Sea, Sand and Sun are the gifts given by the god, which makes Kerala the land of most delightful beaches in the world. We love her enthusiastic choices of apparels because it is reflective of her merry personality.

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Fashion is her passion. You should follow Mitha on Insta for her quirky styles which is a class by itself. Her unabashed sense of self-worth is worthy of a follow. Home FOOD.