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Now, summers in Chicago are certainly conducive to this sort of photo shoot, but if her husband was still playing here—god forbid—she definitely could've cooked something like this up.

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This time of year, though, you probably wouldn't want to be outside in nothing but sexy black underwear. She'd get frostbite on her nips within fifteen minutes, no doubt, and there's nothing sexy about frostbite. Kristin Cavallari is keeping busy this Holiday Season.

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Magical that old moms behave like this, I remember being in elementary school and only the stripper moms dressed like this on swim day…. Maybe one day it will be. That's what these celebs should do, sell nude photos at exorbitant prices.

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That might actually move some units, if you catch my drift. Your email address will not be published. Her nipple accidentally made a guest appearance as she made her way onto the red carpet that evening. Desert reboot.

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She shared a hilarious story about how her husband Jay Cutler36, unclogged her milk ducts by sucking on kristin breasts! Everything appears to be going well between the fashion designer and the former NFL star. What the fuck is a lifestyle brand, you wonder? It's one of those things where a celebrity sits around and hocks expensive shit no one needs, like Gwyenth Paltrow's Goop horseshit. The only reason I mention this cavallari that she recently did a topless photo shoot to promote her brand because, frankly, what else are you gonna do for publicity these days.

There's some behind topless scenes snapshots in the gallery below, and you may be so inclined as to check them out if you're interested in seeing Kristin Cavallari topless.