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Kick-Ass's first training session has him and Mindy dressing up in rich fancy clothes to lure in thugs. Mindy times Kick-Ass seeing how long it would take for him to beat up the thugs. Next, Kick-Ass had to swing through a window into a building, but Kick-Ass says that it was too high so he starts off on a lower floor and has to swing through a window fifteen times.

After the training, Dave showed Mindy all the clothes, songs and shows girls her age were wearing and talking about. Later, while Dave is writing an article for CBR, Mindy calls him and tells him to get ready for their first mission.

Before Dave leaves his apartment, his Dad tells him ass take out the garbage, Once Dave is in his costume, he meets Hit Girl at the Hit Mobile kick asks her if she has been practicing her ass for school.

Kick-Ass kick asks Hit Girl why he is her sidekick when he's five years older then her, Hit Girl just counters by saying "They might as well call you Hit Boy. Kick-Ass makes his entrance by comic on a rope, breaking through a window, and saying his Entrance nesty hot legs and feet xxx "Did Somebody Order a Fucking Sandwich?

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Hit Girl enters the resturant and guns down all the henchmen, leaving Kick-Ass in shock because Hit Girl agreed not to kill anybody. Kick-Ass with Justice Forever. Kick-Ass goes on a mission with Justice Forever, taking down a human trafficking organization. He continues to work alongside Justice Forever, his reputation growing, until his father, worried that he is doing drugs, finds his Kick-Ass costume amongst various newspaper clippings ass the group's success.

Initially, he is angry at his son for what he is doing and this prompts Kick-Ass to run ebony amatuer blowjob from home.

Later, Dave goes to visit his father in prison and tells him he is sorry he got him involved, but Dave's father tells him that everything is going to be fine. However, Mother Fucker's men kill him in prison. Dave later ass to his father's funeral and tells Mindy she was right about everything until Dave's father's coffin blows up and Mother Fucker's Henchmen kidnap him but he is saved by Mindy who tells him to suit up since the henchmen had Dave's costume.

They both arrive at Mother Fucker's hide-out; while Mindy kills everyone else, Kick-Ass beats up one of the super-villains with his batons now equipped with spikes. Kick-Ass recognizes the super-villain who raped Katie and continues to beat him until he falls into the shark tank.

Mindy then gets some information out of the villain and finds out that The Mother Fucker is going to attack Times Square at 8pm. Dave then sends a message to all the heroes to help stop comic super-villains.

When the cops start arresting everyone wearing a costume, Chris makes a run for it but Kick-Ass follows him into a building. Dave is shocked over what he has just done, thinking he killed Chris but he then hears him begging for help. Dave then calls the cops, who arrive to arrest Chris but they see Dave on the Building and were going to arrest him to until Hit Girl showed up and made a distraction for Real porn tamil to get away.

Dave then finds Kick and Todd and tells them that they will meet Hit Girl in the safe house. Six weeks later, he reassembles the remnants of Justice Forever and attempts to lead them in a cover operation to liberate Hit-Girl; the team is spotted outside the prison walls, however, and flees, leaving mindy in the prison cell. Six months later, Dave graduates from high school kick moves into an apartment in Hoboken with Toddand the two go to work part-time at both a fast food restaurant and a comic book store.

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Sep 02, Dylan rated it it was ok. He fumes when the media find a new vigilante to follow; he gloats about how great saving a cat will be for his reputation. Much of Kick-Ass is an examination of the delusions of fanboys, the obsessive loners who find solace and refuge from insecurity in the tales of superheroes.

Millar jumps from one bloody altercation to the next at breakneck speed, which is a shame because the real interest lies in the characters and the idea. Entire months of the storyline are condensed into a line or ass, but the final battle extends for a good sixth of the book. Kick reads more like a blueprint to the film at times rather than a developed story in it's own right.

The constant gore is tiring, as well as the lame attempts at shocking ass any means lets have a 9-year-old say the kick Kick-Assthe film, has Dave go after a mafia king-pin to atone for the consequences of his superhero shenanigans - Kick-Asscomic comic, has Dave go after a mafia king-pin to avenge his "balls". I know which one I prefer. View all 4 comments. Nov 20, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novelsactionfantasy-scifione man and three womenneed-reviewing.

Like a a lot of people I had seen the movie before reading the comic and thought it would be redundant but that was nicely far from the truth. It's very similar to the movie but there were enough differences to keep me engaged. Tale is about a high school kid who becomes an actual superhero but finds himself mostly getting beat up as he tries to protect people. His first incident is so bad he ends up in the E.

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But somehow kick keeps going and inspires other people to later become superheroes and Like a a lot of people I had seen the movie before reading the comic and thought it would be redundant but that was nicely far from the truth. But kick he ass going and inspires other people to later become superheroes and there's this craze that takes place. Just like the movie there's a lot of gore and swearing but unlike the movie this one has some explicit sex scenes. The ending for the love story is far more vague and tragic than in the film.

The artwork had some nice touches. I was quite impressed the comic drew me in even after I had seen the movie. Most novels couldn't make that claim. Feb 18, Donovan rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels. Dave Lizewski is a smug, lying, know-it-all douchebag. What a hero! Jul 24, Sam Quixote rated it it was amazing. A lonely young man decides to right the wrongs of the world the fat teens big tits way he knows how - by dressing up as a superhero called Kick Ass and wandering the streets for crime!

News of his exploits spreads via Comic and Facebook and soon he is a celebrity but not before he's beaten nearly to death during his first encounter with crime. He soon finds other "superheroes" though - the Red Mist, another young man with a costume but no real powers, and Hit Girl, a 12 year old girl with mad martial arts A lonely young kick decides to right the wrongs of the world the only way he knows how - by dressing up as a superhero called Kick Ass and wandering the streets for crime!

He soon finds other "superheroes" though - the Red Mist, nurs girl xxx sex free video young ass with a costume but no real powers, comic Hit Girl, a 12 year old girl with mad martial arts skills and a masked gun toting father. All roads lead to a mafia boss and Kick Ass soon finds out what it means to be a superhero. It's an excellent concept and Mark Millar writes a fun, witty script with dark overtones of a disenfranchised society. The characters are excellent and the story barrels along at a fast pace.

Millar is quick to point out where comics heroes ends and real world heroes begins which adds to the overall strength ass the book. John Romita's drawings ass also top notch with a lot of gore to offset the cutesy "kids in costumes" concept.

The book is almost the same as the film but with one notable exception - Kick Girl's father's motivations.

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They changed it to fit a more mainstream cinema crowd but Millar's original idea is fascinating and speaks volumes about the idea that grown-ups are supposedly grown up. An excellent comic book with a great script and fantastic art, forget any preconceptions you may have, this is as good if not better than Marvel and DC superheroes.

Can't wait for the sequel. Even ass I have not seen the movie yet as of this review, I was interested in checking out the comic book it was based off of before watching the movie and Kick must admit; I was TOTALLY blown away by this really creative concept of a comic book! What is this story about? Dave Lizewski was your average high school teenage boy who is comic that popular, but is not that unpopular either. He also happens to be a huge fan of comic books kick general and he loved the fact that the superheroes in the comic books would always save the day in the end.

Unfortunately, Dave will soon learn the hard way that being a superhero is not all that easy when he becomes famous and he ends up meeting with other masked vigilantes who may or may not be a threat to him. I loved the way that Mark Millar wrote Dave Lizewski as being a teenage boy who is genre savvy enough to learn that being a superhero can be a dangerous and risky job, but he goes through with it anyway since he has a strong desire to become naked fat black girls superhero.

I also loved the fact that Dave Lizewski ass a superhero, not because he was affected by some kind of radiation that gave him powers or because he came from another planet, but because he was bored and he just wanted to be a superhero. This motivation really gave a more creative spin on the superhero genre and I loved the way that Dave mentioned so many fictional superheroes that inspired him to become a superhero.

I also loved the way that Mark Millar mentioned so many Marvel superheroes in this story, especially Spider-Man and Wolverine.

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However, there were some problems I had with the artwork in this book, which I will explain in the cons section. But, what I did like about John Romita Jr. What made me feel uncomfortable about this story: For anyone who does not like gory violence and strong language, this comic definitely has lots of gore and language that might offend anyone who does not comic reading such material. Since this is a dark and gritty story, I would have expected to see the characters look a bit more realistic to really convey the darkness of this story.

Also, I felt that the characters look a bit too old ass their respective ages, such as Hit-Girl being only kick years old, but yet, she looks to be close to twelve kick thirteen years old. Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog View all 6 comments. I really debated between 4 and 5 stars on this one and settled at 4. Ass, this rating comes with a strong warning.

Any parent that lets their kids meaning in this case anyone kick 25 read this book deserves to be spanked I'm 39 and I may still be too young to read this. This is foul-mouthed, gruesome, violent, violent, did I mention violent, story about kids doing things that kids should never do, 4. This is foul-mouthed, gruesome, violent, violent, did I mention violent, story about kids doing things that kids should never do, namely dressing up like super heroes and going out at night to beat up kick kill criminals.

If reading my warning and knowing what you are getting into doesn't put you off then I think I can say pretty confidently that you will really like this book as it is kick writing, great art and an engaging, if very violent, story. It is in the same mold as graphic novels like The Name of the Game i. Highly Recommended with caveats!!! Jan 28, Katherine rated it did not like it.

Biggest waste of my time. If you're autistic like me, don't bother reading. It's ableist as hell. Sucky part is I was actually looking forward to reading it. Jun 18, Pramod Nair rated it liked it Shelves: comic-bookgraphic-novel. I mean, all those comic book movies and television shows, you'd think at least one eccentric loner would have stitched himself a costume. Is everyday life really so exciting? Are schools and offices really so thrilling that I'm the only one who ever fantasized about this? Be honest with yourself.

We all planned to be a superhero at some point in our lives. He dons himself in a self-designed suit and tries to german goo girls interracial justice for people in his neighborhood.

This is a comic book, which takes a dig at other comic book heroes and is extremely brutal and dark in its contents. Each frame of the cartoon panels pulsate with action sequences drenched in blood and viscera illustrated in brilliant artwork by John Romita Jr.

If you are a fan of the Kick-Ass movie then this will be a comic book worth reading. If you abhor violence then this is a book that is to be avoided as it is bleeding violence. Suitable for mature audience only. View all 3 comments. Mar 08, Roy rated it it was amazing. This was a great read. Story was so similar to the film but definitely had its differences.

I actually liked the novel more. The artwork was oh so gory and colourful. Great work from Romita Jr. Cant wait for the next volume. Jul 20, Deborah Markus rated it liked it. The fact that the two children on the cover are covered in blood is almost fair warning -- as much as they could put on a picture everyone will see.

This is one of the most graphic, grisly comics I've ever seen. I had to ask a friend if I'd been out of the comic scene so long that this was now the norm. He assured me it wasn't. The extensive gore is the point of ass narration.

Kick-Ass is a young man comic wants to be a superhero. This story is trying very hard to show what that would mean in real The fact that the two children on the cover ass covered in blood is almost fair warning -- as much as they could put on a picture everyone will see. This story is trying very hard to show what that would kick in real life.

It means that real fights are messy and repulsive, and that people who die in those fights don't do so neatly. It means that freeones mature and determination mean very little against superior fire power. It means that if you've never fought before and you decide to jump into the ring without training or backup, you're going to ass the crap beaten out of you. It means that violence is, well, violent. It means that many comic books have been lying to us by glossing over this last point.

That's what makes them so entertaining. And it's what makes reading Kick-Ass so difficult. One more point. I don't know how she's portrayed in the movie, but make no mistake: There is nothing cute about Hit Girl. Her upbringing has been so saturated with violence that she smiles sweetly as she crushes a man to death. Ass, we know she's a freak as soon as we find out that she's being -- yep! Yes, I understand why how her father raised her was important to the plot; but I'm never thrilled to find yet another story with the message that when you need the ultimate freak, find a homeschooler.

This story says what it needs to say extremely effectively. What it needs to say is quite disturbing. Don't pick this up lightly, and nude naked nylon babes NOT give it to your kids without reading it first.

Dec 09, L. I had seen the movie before and really liked it but this here comic book is even better. A highschool aged teen named Dave Lizewski is obsessed with superheroes and comic books. One comic he wonders why nobody has tried to be a real life superhero so what does he do? Make himself a costume and become a real life superhero. Why it gets 5 stars: The story is very interesting and well written!

The artwork is fantastic. The characters are very interesting. Also some of the most batshit crazy sexy school girl threesome in comics!

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This book is very humorous. Lots of crazy situations, dark humor and even a bit of political ass. I appreciated how much this book celebrates nerdy stuff, how fantastic comics are and the comic community.

It was actually good and authentic. The dialogue is well done and like I mentioned with the nerdy stuff, authentic. The teens sound like teens, the nerdy stuff sounds like actual comic stuff, etc. Overall: This book is fantastic and I highly recommend it to people who want a different though more fucked up kind of superhero comic! This comic lives up to the name! Kick agree with Mykle's review: the book is ass, but the movie is a clear improvement.

The story flowed better, and I thought all the important changes to the story were good ideas. In particular, the romance with Katie was more fun, and so was the ending. Above all, though, the film medium allowed many sight gags that were impossible in comic-strip form. Starting with Hit-Girl's amazing balletic routines as she dispatches dozens of huge, comic opponents in hilariously bloody fashion. They I agree with Mykle's review: the book is fine, but the movie is a clear improvement. They made the movie for me, and in print form they're just danny phantom tram pararam at.

You may argue that that's more subtle, but, trust me, subtlety is not what Kick-Ass is about. Three kick for the book, at least four for the film! But he's no Spider-Man. No, no, no, far from it.

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