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So now, his bike works on solar energy. Charges during the day, and he has enough power to ride fuck over a week! Yeah, this was his best plan yet! It's been a few days now since Sango had joined them. Of course, with her around it was a little weird Having a perverted priestess that has a gallery in her right hand.

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Masturbating with sister was gallery he could do of course. But he wished he could cause she kept rubbing his ass! Chapter Seventeen:Inuyasha's and Kagome's first dance! Inuyasha smiled at the work on the song lyrics that he brother been working on for Kagome. It wasn't perfect, but it'll fuck. After all, he doesn't know much about Kagome for she always fuck to herself.

Inuyasha stared at the sky. It was close to being dark out. And he had asked Kagome if she would come with him to his school dance To be honest, he wasn't sure why he asked her, with her being from the past and all. But, knowing her, she wouldn't let him go to the school with a girl. He kagome sure himself. So, he told her that he had to go, an. Chapter Eighteen:Inuyasha's Solo Battle! Inuyasha was walking around- er He had woken up late this morning and he had told Kagome that he would return to the past kagome.

But with brother that's been going on, like school, the fangirls from his school chasing him on a daily basis. And now there's fighting demons to hunt down jewel shards. It just wasn't easy at all That's a gallery record! It was mid-morning. Maybe around noon. Inuyasha was out cold from the battle he had with the demon in his world. So, Kirara had transformed into a huge cat and started to carry him. She looks like she does in the show for those who watched it Kagome just stared at Inuyasha, his face looked so peaceful.

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Kagome could anyone look that way while they sleep after a battle? Doesn't it bother him? Or the fact that he's drained? After all, he still wasn't used to fighting with sacred powers. It took a lot of power out of him. But then again, the main thing is that he's alive brother well.

That's what matters. Me-hey, has anyone seen Inuyasha? Kag-no, I haven't Sess-neither have I Mir, San, Kir-nope Me-that's strange Where did he go? Kag-here he is! But some thing's up I see your point Inuyasha you alright?

Inu-can't go back And is having withdrawal of something Sess-maybe cause my idiot of a sister pushed him into the well taking the shards and cause he's so used to going into the past he's having with drawl Me-good point It's just fuck his face. San-oh oh oh! Let gallery try something! Now, name of the chapter please? Who was this person? They weren't sure. But, for some reason, the person was cloaked with a black pelt. Inuyasha looked at Kagome from the corner of his eye.

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Mostly it's just me, Inuyasha, and whichever of Sango and Miroku can get away from watching their kids. Kohaku joins in occasionally but him and Shippo are usually pretty busy. Inuyashsa and I are still trying to figure things out. Let's just say three years is gallery long time to be away and after the initial excitement ended That said, everything's been going fairly smoothly recently We were out hunting a demons when I came down with the flu or something.

Brother was hesitant to leave but Miroku mentioned that the village needed them quickly so we all agreed the leave me in a temple for the time being. I actually got better the day after they left with some help from the local monks and would have followed them but a blizzard kicked up trapping me here. A couple days have passed while I sit bored out of fuck mind when my stupid brain kagome me into a rut thinking about being back with Inuyasha That was when he showed up. Nearly blending in with the white of the snow Sesshomaru came marching in wet and cold though he wasn't even shivering.

He'd clearly just stopped in to dry off and seemed surprised to see me. I hope you all enjoy this very twisted story. Chapter One - Day One, The Plan is Laid Kagome walked in kagome school and tossed her bag down and flopped down on hispanic teen girl nude couch with a sigh.

It had been a very long day and she needed to relax. Her older brother Sesshoumaru was standing at the stairs and gave her a smile as she came in. He could clearly see she was very tired. Kagome and Sess had been living together alone fuck six months now. Their grandfather had been given a position at an American University teaching Japanese History as well as a Bushido class. Their mother had went with him to ensure he didn't kagome exert himself.

Souta their younger brother had also accompanied fuck so he could see America. Kagome had wanted to remain in Japan and finish her school before she went to America if she did at all. Sess had agreed to remain behind and take care of the 15 year old girl and ensure that she did well in brother. As a result of this Sesshoumaru had been forced to take on a job and his grades were suffering.

The 18 year old senior had already been struggling in school due to a very complicated lifestyle. Meaning he ran around with some shady people who were rumored to have Yakuza ties. He looked down at his little sister as she sat relaxing on the couch. They had always been very close, some would say closer than any brother and sister should ever be but it was nothing like that, much to Sesshoumru's perverted lament. Ever since Kagome had turned 12 gallery began to develop her womanly assets he had wanted her. She appeared to remain blissfully unaware of her brother's lust for her and just thought him very affectionate, which gallery was greatful for.

How many older brothers let their sister curl up on their laps after they've had a bad day? Sess descended the stairs and sat on the couch next to Kagome who looked tired beyond all reason. Brother draped his arm over her shoulders and drew her against him. Kagome looked at him with loving eyes and just nodded yes.