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Jordan is roaring into a theater near you this weekend and in the meantime he has no problem showing off his silly side on Instagram. Remember that time fans got up close and personal with the shirtless hunk? We sure love it when sexy does it for the 'gram. We're not sure which of Jordan's profiles is our favorite. The talented actor certainly works his angles well. Critics are jordan buzzing about Jordan's stellar turn in Creed.

Michael Jordan Gets Sexy Bikini Dance from Hot Wife Yvette Prieto

We can't wait to see him step into the ring in the boxing drama. Follow Us.

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Skip to content. He has these rertube gay eyes that brim with emotion, and combined with generously full lips that turn down at the corners, this means he can play cute and boyish, petulant, angry, cocky, sexy, or a combination of all, as the script requires. When he was younger, his cheeks were sort of jordan on a face that was learning how to be lean, giving him an air of sweet innocence.

Sexy older, as brash football player Vince on Friday Night LightsJordan was all swagger, almost staggering under the weight of his own bravado.


This was the phase in which Jordan transmuted the sweetness of Wallace into something less wholesome. In sci-fi thriller Chronicle and historical war film Red Tailshe plays one-third of a trio of young men who acquire linked telekinetic powers, and a Tuskegee Airman, respectively. But then in the middle of this not-too-remarkable run, Jordan worked on a project with filmmaker Ryan Coogler that would change the course of both their careers.

Both men, roughly the same age, seemed to find a kindred spirit in the other; Coogler found a muse of sorts, and Jordan found his auteur. The film won plaudits for both the director and his leading man — and clearly lit a beauty housewife porn of collaboration for both.

The role required something different from Jordan. Hardest sexy I ever had to do. Physically, anyway. But beyond Adonis ha! That feeling that Michael B. Jordan would understand the allure of Pacey — that he would instinctively get how jordan Dawson was for Joey or that he probably cheered when the jordan revealed Joey had made the right call after all — is an integral element of his allure.

Other than that, I need sexy work on making sure my mom is okay. Females, they come and go. I understand what females want and need, you know. People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the fuck it is. Thirdly, come the fuck on, man. Things might be looking up for the Casa Amor boy Ovie, after being pied off by Anna when entering the Love Island villa.

The professional basketball player received sexy text from new girl Harely asking him to go on a date. After not finding love jordan any of the other islanders, it seems Chris has also got a chance at coupling up with a newbie.

This Is Why Michael B. Jordan Is So Hot

While Ovie and Chris were enjoying time with Harley and India, Amber was seen dancing away completely oblivious to the fact she was about to get a text. Greg is waiting for you on the Hideaway terrace. And while we are yet to see what happened during their time together, we can only image the date to be a breath of fresh air for Amber amid her ongoing drama with her ex.