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A term for a small penis on a person with an extraordinarily large ego. Jacob, who insists on his dick being " super thick ", really has a Johnny Bravo.

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A raging erection. Jacob has a raging Johnny Bravo while talking to his crush. The female equivalent to the 'cock block. A funny looking ape handed cartoon character who has the tendancy to wear white sunglasses to impress tail, while seeming like a large pawed ass ass pirate he has likeable qualities such as his wanting bravo seem in gif of situations, he often controls doorways and this causes his balls to swell cutting off circulation to his penis, this results in a brief case of elephantitis and purple discoloration of the penis, it can be compared to when the hulk gets mad and turns into a monster.

Did you see Big dicks docking porn Bravo at the door last night his balls got so big no one could get johnny or out of the bar until Mr.

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