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GoPro: Maldives - Tropical Paradise at Club Med

They can also pick up items scattered across the sand and collect fish swimming by, be attacked by sharks, find treasure chests, and explore dive caves. Level 10 also receives a new scuba diving uniform which vaguely resembles a space suit.

There is also an underwater camera which enables sims to take photographs of the terrain. EA, was my sim just molested by a shark? I had to download a mod just to get this thing to show up.

The dive well cave keeps resetting. No one there to serve drinks or check in at the front desk?

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Everytime I go there, unless I make someone buy the resort and assign that person to the front desk, there is otherwise never an NPC waiting on my sims o. External image. The Sims 3: University Life. The Sims 3: Island Paradise. Make sure their lifetime wish is Grand Explorer. Using alchemy, this is why you need Supernatural get your sim a Wish Enhancing Serum. Which can be sold. But go find the treasure chests on the islands first.

Veranka's TS2 Downloads | Island Paradise Conversions The Beachside Stand

So, I told her to go to the hospital, and I continued to play with the wedding, waiting to name the little baby. Does anybody know how to make a house like this?

Please help me?!?!?!? Keep reading.

Lana CC Finds - fanaskher: Island Paradise Wrap Bikini Top & MNB

Nearly half the price! I love eBay! And my debit card! Someone seriously helllpppppp!

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What do you guys reckon is better? They first showed them off during the live chat, it was a small house on a barge. At the top though is a flat roof where the steering wheel is. Luckily they move very slow like a cruise ship and can only be driven.

Island Paradise Conversions | The sims original, Dining table legs, Sims

Maybe if you get to a high enough skill level you can upgrade it to go faster or be on autopilot. Guess what I got for my birthday? As far away from other people as possible, of course.

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It made me feel all fuzzy inside as it reminded me of my childhood and sweet summer holidays by the Ainali lake. I edited the world for my own enjoyment initially, but as I have been doing so I figured I might as well share it with the rest of you simmers since it really is a nifty little world! Registration needed. If you post pictures, please let me know and tag them with Ainali or simply holla at me. Special thanks to verakasthethird for creating Sammallampi and allowing me to edit island share it forward.

Shoutout to nornities for answering a buttload of questions related to CAW, playtesting and witnessing my brainfarts without judging me, you have been a massive help! AINALI by technicallyswagpizza Ainali lies at the northern end of Paradise where pristine blue lakes are surrounded by dense green forests. What has changed then? The playable area is now a medium map within a large world map, if island makes sense.

Updated some of the textures such tumblr grass paradise soil to use Nilxis textures instead. I have fixed tumblr the roads, spawners and overall routing, I removed one of the lola foxx vk as it was causing routing issues as well. Sadly, I had to make the small islands unroutable too.