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She was 33 when she was cast in the role. Though he was portraying Hannah Montana's teen brother, Earles was Stacey Dash is known for being Cher's best friend in the cult comedy "Clueless. Dash was 28 during the filming of the movie, 10 years older than Alicia Silverstone Cher.

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He was was 25 when the movie was being filmed. Rebel Wilson was supposed to be 19 in "Pitch Perfect.

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The year-old actress was 32 when she played the college freshman. Julie Welch as Mrs. Randy Quaid as Mr. Patrick St. British Board of Film Classification. January 3, Retrieved April 10, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved August 7, Gross-out teen flick imagines it's a parody".

San Francisco Chronicle. Archived from the original on August 17, But I have a confession: My friend Caroline isn't free 50s porn a triceratops. She is a human girl. At 15 you should look like a ham. It's what God wants. Taylor Kitsch was 25 at the start of Friday Night Lights.

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He could have used Spencer as the football. Keiko Agena played a year-old in the first season of Gilmore Girls despite being a year-old in real life. Popular on IndieWire. She is not running, she is choosing. And also there, there, and there, right around there, over there, and down there.

The only thing to do is imbibe copious amounts and sing your heart out to some Bieber karaoke. I mean, sort of.

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Our heroes get too drunk, yes. They pine for each other and tell lies to each other and uncover truths about each other, yes. The most legit part has to be after Simon and his best friend Leah get back to his house before curfew! Redeemed by the angst! All the teens need is some booze, but luckily for everyone, the dorkiest member of a trio of nerds recently obtained a fake ID — just call him McLovin.

The heavy drinking to ease sexual anxiety and consequent mismatched levels of intoxication ultimately precluding any actual sexual satisfaction?

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Very legit. Everything that ever happens, over the course of the entire movie, involving McLovin? Not so much. As Cher rightly points out, the cops usually break them up in less than an hour and it takes that long to get there.

Posted on Friday, December 27th, by Meredith Borders. This article is part of our Best of the Decade series. Ahh, the teen movie. The high school story.