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Sauce: honeyjunkies. Bad, bad Christmas. Wife and I both caught nasty colds in the week before Christmas. Christmas Eve, we went to the wife's brother's house for dinner. Took dyspeptic father in-law with us, and one granddaughter as well as daughter-in law in process of divorcing our son.

Good food.

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Father-in-law had nothing to say and couldn't wait to go home. They had to force him holes stay. As soon as we started eating, I felt a pain in my jaw, running from the ear down to the chin. Thought it was just a muscle cramp, but it didn't go away. Holes father-in-law drove his car to our house from Fresno, as we live about midway between Fresno and Visalia, where the dinner was. Then ass and I drove f-i-l to dinner in his car.

Wife's brother decides rightfully so I guess that 96 year old dad shouldn't be driving at night and it had begun images rain as well. Truth is, f-i-l should not be driving at all. So, we hatch images scheme whereby I drive pops home and wife will go ass daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

F-i-l is not happy. So we sexy jeans xxx off with brother in law in followup vehicle so he can pick me up in Fresno and drive me the 25 miles back to Kingsburg. We get to Veteran's home where f-i-l resides, and I park his car and he goes inside.

As we're leaving, I see f-i-l's parked car with the lights on. I run back in and catch f-i-l before he has entered his room. Get the key and try to return through the building which we had entered. Doors locked. Rain starts. I'm pounding on door. Security guard shows up.

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I get in and run out to car in rain. Turn off lights and return key. Now I'm not only pissed off, but wet too. We get to my house, and brother-in-law let's me off. I had given my keys to the wife when we left, and she had not returned them.

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She hadn't come home yet yeah, I guess she was having fun So in the rain I'm digging through a flower bed in the dark, looking for the damn stone thing that has a key in it. Would any burglar with half a brain not be able to find these things and use the key? Well, I can't find it because it's dark.

Finally get in the kerala wife nude photo. Mood not good. Jaw aching. Christmas morning it's breakfast at Good food, but can't much enjoy as dyspeptic f-i-l is being his miserable self, and I'm ass pain. Presents opened we go home and I hit the sack. That afternoon we were due to have lunch at a nice restaurant in Fresno with son, his holes love, grandkids, and--you guessed it-- dyspeptic f-i-l.

Once again the pain kept me from enjoying the good food. Son gives me socks for present. I note that when you stretch them out, it starts to look like an asshole.

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