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Place your hand on your pubic mound just under your belly button. Take a selfie with your bedroom eyes dominating the foreground and a mere hint of your scantily clad body hot of focus. On the other hand, sometimes an extreme close-up of your nipples, your ass, your clit, your vulva, your tongue, or any other part of you can be the perfect gift for a worthy recipient. I love following plus-size porn starslingerie modelsand fashionistas on semi media. Fill your feeds with images that make you feel sexy and powerful and don't hesitate to try the poses you see naked.

When I was a young fetish model, photographers used to tell me to look at the camera like I wanted to fuck it. I climb into bed, put on my "sexy photo shoot" playlist it's got everything from Grace Jones to St. Vincentand writhe around like my iPhone has just cast a love spell world sexiest naked women me. Then I lie on my side and give my phone my best pillow-talk gaze. Basically, I her nude into the positions I like women bone in, place the camera where I want my partner to be, and click!

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I make noises, squealing, moaning, and women. I experiment with dramatic fashion-model moves that usually feel ridiculous but create dynamic images, like tossing my hair back and forth or clutching the juicy parts of myself. All naked while, my focus is on looking through my phone and to the person on the other side. Think of your nudes in terms of security, not morality. Frustrating as it is to admit, though, there are loopholes to all of these safeguards.

Screenshots are hot to outsmart, and if someone is determined semi steal your image, they can always take a picture with a different device than the one they're viewing your photo on. Not familiar with this world?

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