Hidden camera in womens locker room

The woman told police she would typically set up the cameras when she arrived at the RecPlex, and record while she worked out, according to the complaint.

The woman told police she would then return the cameras to Landt -- saying she had never viewed the videos herself.

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The woman indicated she assumed the videos contained nude females -- and said Landt became "very upset" with her when she did not provide him with video consistently -- according to the complaint. The woman told police Landt is a co-worker -- and she delivered the videos to him at work, according to the complaint. Eventually, the woman told police she worked out about five or six times a week, and estimated she recorded video about 40 or 50 times inside the women's locker room, according to the complaint.

Hidden Camera Found In Women's Locker Room At Former Hancock Headquarters

The complaint says the woman told police Landt would make comments indicating that he looked forward to watching the videos at home after work. The woman told police she had received a recent email from Landt complaining that she had set up the cameras incorrectly. Police were able to view that email -- and it contained two images where females could be identified inside the RecPlex locker room handling items inside a locker, according to the criminal complaint.

The email was dated March 3rd, Another email was discovered, dated April 2nd. In that email, Landt complains again about the quality of the recording. A picture is attached to the email -- according to the complaint.

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The email says "Figure this out, or we are going to have major issues," according to the complaint. On April 8th, Landt was detained in the parking lot of his workplace -- and according to the criminal complaint, he refused to provide a current address and his vehicle was found to be registered in Iowa.

A search warrant was done on Landt -- identifying his residence as Waukegan, Illinois. Convicted Russian agent Maria Butina to host show for state-owned network.

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Wisconsin sociopath convinced woman to plant hidden cameras in women’s locker rooms

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The camera was discovered accidentally by Mia's mother, Christina, and video shows the very moment the woman realized something was wrong. The footage, obtained by Inside Edition, shows Christina sitting on a bench in the locker room waiting for her daughter to change into street clothes.

Absolute shock. It was later learned that another mom named Melissa Wenckebach was the one who planted the camera.

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Pleasant Prairie police Det.