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She is petite with a figure to die for. She goes to the gym three times a karnataka village girl nude and is fit and toned. We were all OK together the next day but I thought that was the end of it all when my friend left after breakfast.

But she kept going on about it. For a copy, email problems deardeidre. It is all too easy for this sort of thing to go horribly wrong and you are already feeling threatened. Again blur. It all comes down to expectation setting, boundaries and communication.

As a dominantly straight man, MFF are more fun, but there is an excitement to making your partner happy. Some are more fun than others, just treat it like anything else. Process before and after. Self-care and post-care are key. Don't treat people like objects. Always treat the third with the same care and compassion as you would your own partner. The more communication and lead up, the hotter it is. Lastly, communicate during.

Even more so than you do with your primary. Tease and ask everyone what they like, what they have fantasized about. Communicate what you want. Double your fourplay and communication. Your sleeping for two now. Oh, water breaks. You're going to need it if you pull this off correctly. A king bed is ideal.

My ex girlfriend initiated it with a bi-curious friend of hers. Got pregnant, kind of married with both of them right now. My family was a little shocked.

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My ex and her friend wanted to be with me, we were not going out yetbest part was oral. We experimented many positions, and me being a person who loves to be asfixiated, she obliged me while her friend was on top of me. When i was about to finish, my ex again performed on me orally. Ex-girlfriend and I actually first hooked up when she tried to initiate a threesome with me and another friend. Friend passed out immediately so we quietly messed around next to her.

Next night, same thing. She nude womens wet fanny I started dating and eventually got the friend to join us, first couple of times were a lot of fun for everyone involved, then the just progressively got more tedious, stressful, and is probably what resulted in the end of that relationship.

Fantasy fulfilled, not something I'm actively chasing anymore. I was the third wheel. I'm a guy.

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It was a random occurrence, totally unplanned, I just happened to fit their bill. I can't speak for them but it seemed like she was the one who wanted it, she wanted the attention on her, she wanted 2 men. Except then I was left alone in Canada with a dead phone, an unpaid hotel room and regret.

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My friend's mom the people I went to canada with had to pick me up. I had no pants. My wife girlfriend at the time set it up with one of her friends.

Not a friend we hang out with often. While we were at a party. We went back to the friends house and it was fun, mutual foreplay and things like that, then I messed with my wife for a bit, then messed with the friend for a bit. Eventually finishing with my wife. It was fun and all, except my wife got super jealous while I was messing with the other girl. So much so, that she really didn't like feeling that way, and while the 3 some was fun, we will probably never do it again.

She did tell me, though, that I give her lots of pleasure in other ways, such as kissing, massaging and making her feel loved, which is reassuring.


Divorcing sex from your feelings about one another like this is making it all about performance instead of caring and commitment. Got a problem? Send an email to problems deardeidre. Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays. You can also send a private message on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page.

Before trying to push the threesome idea, just put yourself in her shoes. What might have one girl purring can cause another to puke, so proceed with caution and use your best judgement.

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Just be happy she tried to be a good sport and go through with it. This is another incredibly important aspect of executing a proper threesome.

About a year after my man and I got together, we started playing with the idea of a threesome just to stir shit up, but the search turned out to be too exhausting. First of all, you have to decide if you want to do it with a stranger or someone you know. Where do you meet them? The Internet?