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League of Legends' DJ Sona Is The Mona Lisa Of Microtransactions

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Picture credit: iam8bit. Like this: Like Loading Let failure find it's false content in that poor word environment. User Draya michele mediatakeout DeathChaos User Info: KajeI. I missed it purely because when they said picture after hitting tab i assumed the meant the one that comes up when you hit the button, not the one that's always there. XmattboX posted You sound upset. Oh right, you are the guy I ruffled in a different topic and now you are here to spew your anti-riot, big bad developer nonsense here too.

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There is no bug here, it is just people being stupid. I'm sure these same people have trouble opening doors as well. More topics from this board Get your quality LoL clothing hear!

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The only drawback? A possible deal-breaker of a price tag. DJ Sona is a new League of Legends ultimate skin—that is, a cosmetic alteration for a pre-existing champion.

League of Legends: DJ SONA'S ULTIMATE CONCERT VINYL - iam8bit (Asia & Oceania)

Ultimate is the highest tier of LoL skins, which means you get a lot of bang—bells and whistles out the proverbial wazoo—but only if you're willing to shell out serious bucks. That is nearly half the price of a major game for cosmetic changes in a game you can already play for free.

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So often we see F2P mobile games monetize by simply inserting obstacles meant to temper player happiness. In Candy Crush you have to buy more lives to keep playing.

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In Clash of Clans you have to pay to skip build timers. In Farmville you have to buy high-end items or else save for them for years.

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But Riot? DJ Sonaour latest ultimate tier skin, is now available for purchase! Continue reading for more information. Kinetic Concussive Ethereal.

DJ Sona now available |

Click here for the official release announcement, including the DJ Sona's ultimate concert video:. Each one has its own distinct style and transforms Sona entirely, from her outfit and turntable to the look and feel of her abilities. Click it and Sona takes over your in-game music, pumping her own songs through your speakers.