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From ears to ankles is optimum. Exfoliating and moisturizing your whole body is important too, as healthy glowing skin is a femme attribute to shoot for. Your facial "look" is a huge part of the overall!! Ive found that taking a selfie, and then running it through a makeup photo app will let you experiment on different looks and can help you find what works best for you.

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Then replicate it. Women make it look easy, but theyve been doing it everyday their whole life. Its NOT easy!!! Trust me, I still struggle mightily with it!! But dont get discouraged!! Finding other gurls, local makeover services, etc are a great help as well!!

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How big is your penis? Does your penis curve at all? Which testicle hangs lower? How big are your breasts? Do you long or short labia? Are they even or uneven?


Do you have a particularly large or tiny clitoris? Are you circumcised or no? Are you happy with it? What are you more into or like more about yourselfboobs or butts? Do you like the way your genitals look? Would you be able to pick out your genitals from a lineup?

Do you like your butt? What do you do with your pubic hair shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc. Do you tuck your penis a certain way i. Reblogged 7 years ago kimberly matula nude lostinthelie-deactivated Originally from happyh0rse.

Source: happyh0rse. Reblogged 7 years ago from golemmanifesto Originally from hentai-kyoko. Source: hentai-kyoko. I am a strong woman who loves straight crossdressing men, in a world that stereotypes.

Crossdressers: You are NOT alone! You know what I like about this? Posted 4 years ago. Tell me more! Hi, and thanks for your message. No Facebook page having to this site, sorry. This is fucking awful. Have you crossdressers had a non-sexually transmitted genital infection yeast infection, etc? If you lack a penis, have you ever tumblr to pee standing up? If you lack sex penis, how familiar are you with how you look down there? Have you masturbated for or with someone via webcam? Have you have phone sex?

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If you had the opposite set of genitals for a day, name 5 things you would do. What body parts do you find the sexiest?

What was your most recent sexual thought? Do you ever just play with your boobs, penis, labia, etc.?

Crossdresser addicted to captivity, bondage, sex.

When was the last time you touched tumblr genitals? Do you often imagine people naked? Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: I have nudes of me how do I send you my picture can you please help me out by giving me to top crossdresser to turn me out.

Ask me :. Useful Links For Sissy Faggots. Crossdressers like a woman, and doing it in heels is another time consuming effort thats mandatory. Nothing bursts the femme bubble faster than a gurl that walks like cute girl sex gallery macho man!!! Small, short delicate steps keep you looking girly and accentuate that "sway" Sex, videos and tutorials are a great resource.

Other small nuances include the weak wrist, the coy smile, flinging your hair wig? Watch cis women and observe these things and how theyre done. While we see these things done every day, we have to really disect them in order to copy them.

If you dont believe me, check out this feminine and beautiful gif from michellenightingale at the end of this post Posts Ask me anything Archive. Anonymous asked: Do you have any good having for erotic literature involving chaste sissies?