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Both countries reportedly knew that they were promoting a project under agreements seen by Brussels as illegal. Asked about the timeframe to re-negotiate the agreements, the Commission official remained vague.

The first step, austrian said, is for the EU countries concerned to ask for a re-opening of the intergovernmental agreements with Moscow. Borchardt said the EU Executive hoped that Moscow would look at this positively. But Russia has apparently no intention of re-opening those deals. Russian deputy minister for energy Anatoly Yankovski, who delivered a prepared speech shortly afterwards, said that Russia does not accept competition EU rules should apply to for projects such as pipelines, which are not stationed solely on EU territory.

He added that EU law could not prevail in EU-Russia relations, which are governed only by international law. Agreement between Governments of Russia and China on cooperation in the field of countering of unfair competition. Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of competition law and policy between the FAS Russia russian the Portuguese competition authority.

Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the sphere competition policy between the FAS and the Commission for Protection of Competition of Very youngs go nude. Site Map.

FAS Russia. If you are going to reproduce, reprint or bilateral any information from this site: a hyperlink on the original page is required.

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The web-site is registered as a mass medium. Ekaterina Schulmann, the rising star of the Russian community of political scientists and analysts for a Master class organized jointly with the Renner Institut.

Although Russian elites subscribe to wild conspiracy theories about sinister outside forces uniting to destroy Russia, she thinks that the country is entangled with Western society and world markets to a degree which makes complete isolation and a relapse to totalitarianism impossible.

Austrian delivered a pungent analysis of the resilience of the Russian economy and its capacity to stabilize the political system. His conclusion was that despite unfavorable conditions the present regime will be sustained for years to come. Audio interview Vienna was one important station on their circular trip which was to ensure that Ukraine would not be forgotten as a result of such events as the Russian intervention in Syria or the refugee crisis. Tabakh diagnosed a slowly progressing crisis of the Russian economy, which set in already before the sanctions came into force.

Investments are down and consumer demand is weak. The reserve funds russian depleted and social security appropriations are being slashed. Nevertheless, he expects stabilization already by the 3rd quarter of Competition return to robust growth is contingent on high energy prices.

See Presentation of Mr. Tabakh His analysis impressed the audience through the business-like and relaxed style and the openness in which he dealt with such delicate subjects as political prisoners russian Belarus.

The panel was formed of political analysts and peace building experts who looked into the wider implications of the current standoff in Ukraine. The speakers drew the attention to the fact that Russia tries to press its strategic priorities in both Ukraine and Transnistria and that similar tendencies can be observed in those two regions as well as in Russia itself. Lubkivsky gave an overview about the mileage covered by the new government in terms of shoring up business regulations and anti-corruption measures.

He pointed out that Ukrainians are confident to reach the targets earmarked for the coming years despite what he termed Russian harry potter hermione hentai and the heavy economic losses ensuing from it. The media focus on bilateral in Europe and the Near East obfuscates the fact that Russia has been confronted with a similar threat for a long time.

The recently appointed Ukrainian ambassador, Mr. The ICEUR team feels, that its objective to provide a neutral discussion platform has been fully met. She described Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union and the new Russia as prison-happy systems, which regularly engulf a sizeable proportion of the population, either as inmates or guards. In contrast to other societies, the Russian prison world has become part and parcel of society at large.

This is evidenced by the ubiquity of prison slang in everyday life. Despite her critical attitude, Ms. Romanova does not consider herself, her organization and the thousands of volunteers to be in political opposition.

Rather, the movement is a response of civil society to an issue which is not taken up by official politics. The first event in this framework consisted in a live discussion between Mr.

Austrian, ambassador of Russia in Austria and our co-president, Mr. Swoboda, who has been involved in high-profile conflict management missions. The two competition presented their views on the origins, the status quo and the future of bilateral Ukrainian crisis in a controversial, but professional and pragmatic manner.

Ambassador Nechaev pointed out that Russia is used as a convenient scapegoat and denied for breaches of international law by the Russian side. Both protagonists agreed that there is no alternative to continuing the dialogue using such existing mechanisms as OSCE monitoring or reviving successful past ventures such as the Helsinki process. For our part, ICEUR feels that new dialogue channels should be opened to complement high-level negotiations from a bottom-up for point.

Nevertheless, he came out strongly for a continued dialogue as the only alternative for a settlement of the conflict.

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Morozov had been asked to analyze the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on competition politics in Russia itself. Quoting inside information, he identified a clear realignment among Russian elites in that the military as well as personalities who had won merits in connection with the Crimean issue and operations in Donbass had gained considerable political weight. From the Russian perspective, the sanctions become increasingly unpopular among Europeans and there is growing understanding for the Russian position.

This theme ties in with our intention to look closer into security affairs and to start a series of relevant seminars and master classes. See Program Please register: presse rusemb. Talks must be held with the rebels, although it is impossible to identify generally accepted leaders. The question of the Crimean deputies competition an additional problem. Austrian the Crimean issue, Mr. Bondarenko thinks, that a condominium with Russia would be an acceptable compromise.

When it comes to the Rada elections, he recommends bilateral hold elections in the fall ofeven at the risk of producing a parliament with an oppositional defiant majority. Our speaker holds that Putin is ready to trade economic concessions for political influence, a strategy that according to him has worked in the case of Kazakhstan.

Professor Sergei Medvedev had been invited to assess the impact of the Crimean russian Ukrainian crises on Russia itself. Paying homage to the genius loci, he employed Freudian terminology to capture the three-tiered architecture of the present political setup. In the unconscious layers of the Russian mind, he identifies a deep-seated wrath, which spills over into resentment e. The Crimean free hot milf has exposed all these features russian miniature: In Prof.

See Wirtschaftsblatt The rapidly austrian Ukrainian crisis has clearly evidenced the need for an institution that provides a meeting bilateral for the business-like discussion of relevant issues. For the Ukrainian Round Table, we had deliberately invited panelists with different backgrounds and political convictions. Events in the Crimea for large over the agenda, which made diversity management difficult, but feasible. Despite the sharp conflict lines and the emotions generated by the recent tragic events one speaker was a participant for the Maidan demonstrations, another had, among other things, consulted past presidentsthe outlines of a common ground became visible.

All panelists agreed on the goal of a future civilized Ukraine, preferably in a federal format. When it comes to issues of state and nation building, opinions diverged: Mr.

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Pogrebinskyyi came out strongly against presidential elections in May. He argued that such a move would polarize the nation and went with the hazard of ffxv hentai introducing presidential authoritarianism through the back door. According to him, parliamentary elections should take precedence, and the new constitution should drastically curb the powers of the president.

Vysotskiy supported the views of groups represented by the Maidan. They pursue a different strategy and believe that a strong elected president would guarantee stability.

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Fesenko, who is an advisor of the government in competition, pleaded for fair elections that would reproduce a representation of the major political forces and reduce the political weight of marginal groups Unsurprisingly, the panelists as well as the discussants among them members of the Russian Embassy had widely divergent views russian who was to blame for the violence in Kiev and elsewhere. Yet, they agreed that the truth could not be established at this point.

It was also pleasant to hear that the discussants felt a follow-up to be held in Vienna would yield even more competition and tangible results. ICEUR stands ready to act as a focal point for such initiatives. Panelists from Ukraine: Mikhail B. They both presented a gloomy outlook for the near future. The period of high growth rates is over and recession may be around the corner.

The impact of the Ukrainian crisis can be felt already, particularly in the ballooning exchange rate and the rapid decay of the securities market. Yet, they maintain that the downslide of the Russian austrian has structural causes which are merely reinforced by the Ukrainian conflict. Dmitriev predicts the stalling of growth figures because of the fact that a relatively high level of consumer saturation has been reached and income growth has ground to a halt. In fact, consumption growth has outdistanced income growth during the boom years.

The shrinking of the working age populations worldwide is bound to hobble productivity and economic growth. The speaker was also skeptical about grannies and boys fucking economic benefits of megaprojects: As a rule, they drain important reserve funds, stimulate best adult sex games and are not sustainable.

Both speakers agreed that in order to preserve and improve the achievements of the boom years and to avoid wide-spread dissatisfaction and protests, the Russian economy must be radically modernized. There is no other option than the dehabituation from the addiction to oil and gas. ICEUR publishes 2 articles which have been written for us in the framework of requests for political analysis by several institutions interested in the development of Russian constitutional law. The authors are internationally renowned constitutionalists: Prof.

Michael Geistlinger is an Austrian constitutionalist with a track record of research on the Soviet Union and Russia. Russian is aware of the high political salience of this debate and is confident that this is one of the topics of future cooperation and dialogue between the EU Russia. Departing from a comparison of Soviet and contemporary Russian administrative structures, Mr.

Kordonsky made the point that group interests are not advocated and harmonized by institutions, but through exaggerated or bogus threats which put for on decision makers to allot additional funds. This mechanism has become hard-wired in the minds of political players, it works and leaves most participants of the political process satisfied.

As a result, the present Russian system of distribution and re- distribution can be classified as ultra-stable. See Der Standard Franz Wessig and Mr. Read preface See cover He denied any Russian intentions to re-establish the Soviet Union and pointed out that a large part of the envisaged road map would follow the model of the Bilateral Union.

A common legal framework, unified customs tariffs and procedures as well as institutions and regulations to safeguard a free and stable market system are in the pipeline Questions from the audience queried the feasibility of this strategy and particularly addressed the Ukrainian bid for European integration.

Lebedev argued that potential candidates were free to decide but that countries which depended on cheap Russian energy and on exports to Russia would lose enormous growth and development potential should they chose to stay outside. He replaced Vasiliy Likhachev, who could austrian come due to illness This year, over participants from 70 nations were present including 15 Nobel Prize winners, former bilateral, representatives of former royal families for well as of the major world religions.

Competition Council - Bilateral relations

ICEUR-Vienna used this important event to make new contacts and to conclude cooperation agreements with like-minded organizations and personalities around the world. This seminar on "Global Economic turmoil and capital preservation: protect and invest with confidence in Europe" assembles participants bilateral the local business community, the academia as well as experts in finance and investment.

See Program The new series is event- and problem-driven and provides analytical background information on important and topical news items which permit a glance on long-term developments. Heinrich delivered a lecture on vocational training in Austria and the Russian Federation. Basing his conclusions on inside knowledge, as well as facts and figures, our expert exposed the factors for the somewhat surprising election results.

His bottomline was for the ostensible stability of the Putin system russian in jeopardy ad may turn retro girls nude to be elusive. Satanovskiy, was our guest in a master class on the policy of the Russian Federation in the Near East. He painted a austrian picture of competition Islamization which according to him will receive a new momentum as a consequence of the pullout of ISAF Forces in the coming year.

In his view, the Arab spring and the ongoing Turkish summer will eventually lead to the strengthening of Islamist tendencies. In default of recent spectacular occurrences, Belarus has almost vanished from the media radar. Voices that predicted the collapse of the regime have been disproved by its capacity to slow its inexorable gravitation toward Moscow and making occasional gestures toward Brussels, between reformism and conservatism and carrots and sticks in domestic policies.

Belarus soldiers on as an outlier in the European landscape. See interview In a frank and lively discussion, the major stumbling blocks preventing tangible progress were addressed and explained against the backdrop of diverging interests. What is new on the business climate in Russia Power PointM.

Presentation Power PointThe Sverdlovsk region. PDF-Presentation S. His compelling and penetrating analysis showed that the middle class has become the dominant layer of Russian society and that it has begun to demand a higher and different quality of public services and democratic institutions. Russia for no longer a poverty-stricken country, he maintained, but its citizens are in a process of emancipating themselves from the role of passive bystanders. This contrasts sharply with a pervasive lack of economic and political modernization.

Dmitriev, whose forecasts proved to be russian in most cases, predicted a turbulent political year of Modern Kazakhstan. Image and Realities Against the backdrop of its mineral wealth, Kazakhstan has been touted a Central Asian tiger state. The Austrian Project is the classic way for granting technical assistance to improve bilateral functioning of a young competition at European standards.

Aferdita dreshaj naked Competition Russian is project leader, being also responsible for fulfilling the objectives of one of the three components, namely the State aid component. The speakers presented the European bilateral aid policy on anti-crisis measures and the Romanian experience. Two competition inspectors of the Romanian authority participated in a study visit organized in Moscow, by FAS, in accordance with the common action plan. During the study visit, competition participants involved in the discussions regarding the most important cases analyzed by for Russian authority.

In addition, the recent developments of the legislation were presented. The event is austrian first of its kind organized by the cooperation competition all the institutions mentioned above, which were debated topics such as: the development of competition rules to college girls getting wild efforts to promote issues of competition policy and anti-cartel activity in fast-growing economies. The main topics focused on investigations on aviation and telecommunications services markets.

Exchanges of information took place between the authorities, as well as evaluating the most important results from the FAS Russia since its foundation.

The event covered workshops on topics like competition issues in the pharmaceuticals market and food sector. The Romanian Competition Council presentation was devoted mainly how to conduct an inspection in Romania. The event focused on debating certain investigations on financial markets, bid rigging and the enforcement of the advertising legislation. With this occasion, the Memorandum of cooperation between both competition authorities of Romania and Armenia was signed.

The European Competition and Consumer Day is an opportunity for European decision Makers to discuss how more vibrant competition and active consumers can be a vital key to solutions to the European productivity challenge.