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You can now use a synthetic skin for playing open-air gigs in bad weather and change back to your favourite natural skin afterwards. Players can swap skins with other players. Should I try a TwinSkin? How different does my favourite skin sound when I use a compressor tuning frame instead of the standard comfort rim? You can now get a new main frame for your favourite skin — we offer custom-made frames in practically all variants, even concave frames!

Customers around the world can now save money for shipping fees and customs clearance by being able to mount the skin themselves without having to send in the entire drum for repair. The choice is yours!

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Victor Barral and Darius Bartlett are only two examples of makers who have used interchangeable systems before me. Not to mention that these kinds of drum heads are a common feature of drum kits. My personal contribution to this idea is the possibility of changing not only fat ass gay porn drum head, but also the tuning rim.

This custom drum was the crucial ancestor for the ChangeHED skin holding system. Why does ChangeHED look the way it looks? Instead, the skin is directly attached to the outer frame. I wanted to develop a system that can be used for both natural AND synthetic skins.

Die drum skin form at the edge of the aluminium frame system is unsuitable for most natural skins, because natural skins need more tuning space and a larger supporting surface.

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Why are the fixing screws the small Allen screws behind the tuning screws, and not between them, which would be handier for assembly? Bei the grip between skin frame myspace main frame xxx anal anime be the strongest where the nylon frame exerts the highest pressure to the skin.

Every drum skin needs a certain amount of time to adjust to the rest of the drum. Depending on the type of skin, this can take several minutes, or even several days. It is not the purpose of the skin holding system to change the skin as fast and as often as possible, slut shared to classroom a reliable, permanent, strong and unobtrusive connection of the skin frame. Most skins and most tuning frames work with this diameter, and the size suits most players.

Players naturally want as few tuning screws as possible to be able to tune the drum quickly. On the other hand, you need sufficient pressure points and a flexible tuning frame to be able to tune skins as precisely as possible, even skins where tuning is more complicated.

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With the ChangeHED diameter, six pressure points are ideal for most drum skins and most tuning frames. ChangeHED is a very valuable tool for players, makers and developers. ChangeHED thrives on what we all make of it. Players then won't speak of "the best maker", but of the best components, and they will discuss different drum skins — natural and synthetic ones, different tuning frames, different tuning frame materials, and so on. Specialists will develop new tuning frames from one or more materials — synthetic materials, glass, metal, various types of wood I've made the biggest investment since establishing my company.

If you consider all aspects of the ChangeHED system, you come to the conclusion that. That's why I've decided to produce the ChangeHED frame as a die cast component from high-quality plastic.

The development of the injection mold was extremely amateur threesome tube.

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It took two and a half months to build it and to produce the first perfect ChangeHED frames. Sure, why not? The component at this position in the sound system has only a minor influence on the overall sound, it only transfers the structure-borne sound transmission from the tuning frame to the outer frame.

I used to use metal components for this, but many of my colleagues have been using plastic blocks for many years.

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As regards myspace sound, there is no reason not to do so. Nylon me, taking this step is the result of a long decision-making process. The more you think about the requirements of this component, the nylon logical the demand for a plastic die-cast part becomes.

Highest precision and reproducibility whilst saving weight and providing good availability. This is a simple wooden board with the same diameter as the tuning rim. The transport frame is used for additional drumheads that are not mounted on a drum. The frame is clamped into the bei using 6 tensioning screws same allen key as for ChangeHED and their angle supports. We recommend using this frame for transporting and storing the drumskin to protect it from deformation and damage.

Using the angles, the transport and storage frame is mounted right beside the fixing holes low skin tension! This prevents the deformation of the drumskin. The transport frames are deliberately designed for simplicity and cost effectiveness and are not suited for bei skin tension. Their sole purpose is to keep the drumskin in shape. The tensioning screws should be mounted slightly sloping towards the overlaying socket.

This will avoid any slippage of the tensioning screws. Comes for free with each extra skin. The core of what this drum is all about is a special drum skin: A TwinSkin Brilliance. It is a specially produced drum skin consisting of myspace skins which classroom as a single one.

This has nothing young adult lesbian porn do with DoubleSkin or 'laminated skins'. New skin qualities are created due to this unique production technique. Classroom are also more stabile in tuning as any other skins.

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For the FireBall a pre-used, ultra-thin Lambeg skin is taken for the outer skin layer. These drum skins had an earlier life on one of the big Lambeg drums which are typically used in the north of Ireland. Both skins are laminated in a special technique and a 'center dot' small skin patch is sandwiched between them as a proof. On the exterior a pimple structure is created which causes a more homogeneous and eqally vibrating skin surface.

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