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BTW, she is mad cute, seems like a great catch brotha. Aw you two look so happy and cute! I love the pic! I wish I could offer some advice cos I am sort of in the same situation.

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Except I am Indian and my boyfriend is white. My parents don't approve of him and want me to date someone in the same caste as me. The situation sucks but I think you just have to learn not to care what other people think as long as you are happy cos that is what counts. You should also talk to your parents and I know it is hard and you can't change their minds but just let them know how you feel about her and that she isn't a bad person. I hope things work out for you.

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Joined: Feb 10, Messages: Likes Online You guys black great together. I think your parents should be able to put aside their views once they see that you two care about each other. I could never understand why people make assumptions based on the colour of someone's skin.

Joined: Vqporn 8, Messages: 2, Likes Received: So no matter what your plans are safe bet that sooner or later your family will come around. Joined: Oct 19, Messages: 1, Likes Received: As long as your happy right now, and she treats your right that is all that matters.

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Fuck what your parents think, do what makes you happy and stick up for you and your girlie! Joined: Aug 15, Messages: Likes Received: Joined: Oct 12, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Joined: Dec 15, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 3, She's black I dated a black guy in the past, but I'm fortunate enough that my group xxx video online really mind. I say "really" because sometimes I got weird vibes from them, but I think they both know I would have freaked the fuck out if they mentioned his race having something to do with why they sometimes acted weird.

I know exactly how you feel about getting weird looks as well, it blows. I used to feel fucking awkward, but the more we hung around people who accepted us and our relationship, the less the strange looks mattered.

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I don't think you online let your parent's opinions matter. These results are concerning. What does this mean for Black women in a society that is quickly sex tape tits gifs technology as the only form of human interaction? We can go to school online and never have to meet our classmates. Some jobs let you work from home so we spend less time in the office with our co-workers.

Hell, we can even order and pay for food online, walk in and pick it up, and not have to interact with a single human. How will this affect the chances of Black women who want to date? Finally, this sends a number of negative messages to Black women. I think the most important message we should gleam from black experience is that we need to break the barriers of dating related to physical appearance. We need to give people a chance based on their personality and not necessarily on reddit gianna color of their skin.

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