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See examples containing riesen 3 examples with alignment. Fifi's cornered by this big-ass poisonous snake.

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Fifi wird von einer riesigen Giftschlange bedroht. What I said is that arrests don't disappear without a big-ass wand. Was ich sage ist, dass Verhaftungen nicht einfach ohne einen riesigen Zauberstab verschwinden.

But that's a big-ass maybe.

That might be a big-ass problem, see. Oh, yeah Ach ja I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick. The big-ass metal ones from the construction site. Die riesigen Metalldinger von der Baustelle. Oh, I'm not growing anything except a big-ass weed plant on my nightstand.

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Oh, I was just a regular type dude with a big-ass dick. Ich war einfach ein ganz normaler Typ mit einem riesigen Schwanz.

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But don't let you big ass deter you from your mission. Walk the fat off your big ass! Marschier dir deinen fetten Arsch ab! dictionary :: big ass :: English-German translation

Get your big ass out. Schieb deinen fetten Arsch raus. That's one big ass. Move your big ass. Beweg deinen fetten Arsch! To kick your big ass. Ja um dir deinen Riesenarsch zu versohlen.

Riesenarsch zu versohlen. I hope your big ass floats. Ich hoffe, dein fetter Arsch schwimmt. You might even get some big ass bonus. I should beat your big ass.

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