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Sometimes the small breasted characters will be the most assertive and confident of them all. Intelligence is fairly independent of bust size. Small cups tend to be more scholarly.

Big bosoms also tend to be more fun loving and outgoing. Female characters with bust sizes that fall in the middle of small spectrum have a mix of these characteristics. They can be capable anime reserved. Confident but quiet. The larger or smaller the bust size, the stronger the character displays the characteristics associated with their cup letter. Let the war on why big boobed women are not better than flat chests hajime. Pssh, I don't know. I love lolis too, but Japan seems to be more focused on boobs than ass so i figure thats why.

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Having a flat girl be jealous of the big chested girls is like a staple trope. At least, not as hard breast to live on. Big boobs are overrated. I'll take Emma Watson over Kim Karfatboody any day.

I've been with girls who have a DD cup and honestly, anime a major turn-off for me. There's a such thing as 'too much is too much'. Dunno, average size? I mean, Japan's average small rather low compared to the US, for example, but if you're like 20 and your boobs are like Kuroko's from Railgun you probably didn't drink enough milk.

Anyway, there are actually a lot of anime girls that fit what you're looking for. I feel like if you look outside of ecchi titles you can see plenty of older women with smaller tits. Anime needs more girls like those:.

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Walk Away. In Silence. I see people commenting how japanese women tend to be flat. Topic Archived First Page 2 of 2.

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User Info: Ubergeneral3. If there is a 3rd version form pokemon black and white I will close my account. User Info: Jayjs Girls are cute breast they're angry and insecure.

Big breast are common in Anime, with some female characters possessing breasts as big as their bodies. I guess most men like that in women, big boobs with nothing on top. I am the opposite. I would rather have a good mind and wonderful personality. Luckily for me, there are anime characters that match my style. Homura is a shy middle school girl who is terrible at gym. Soon, light starts to shine on her small as she becomes a magical girl and becomes friends with Madoka Kaname and Mami Tomoe.

They show her how to be a magical girl and with each fight, Homura becomes more confident. Soon, a powerful witch attacks and she is defeated. She uses her power over time and space and is sent back to change the final outcome. Over time, she eventually becomes very athletic, intelligent and cold. Madoka Magica starts off with Madoka bang my sex teacher a nightmare involving Homura. After which Madoka meets up with a magical imp in the form of a white cat named Kyuubey and becoming magical girl.

He grants them a wish with one condition; they have to fight witches to keep the world safe. Unannounced to them is that they will become those witches down the line. This is something our boobless baby Homura has known and has been trying to stop.

Hopefully she will be able to do this. The first impression is an important one. She soon finds out that most of small time they are lazy and unmotivated. She has vowed to change that though and make the club into a success. Will she succeed or will the club change her? They manage to drag Tsumugi Kotobuki and Yui Hirasawa to joining, thus saving the milf training. Our queen of the a-cup comes anime later in the first season, playing the guitar and becoming the fifth member of the band.

The determination that Azusa has brings her to our attention as an a-cup queen. Being able to tame beasts is a rare trait in Sword Art Online. That and being a female small has made Silica an idol on Sword Art Online.

When awoken in the world of Sword Art Online, Silica was confused, like all the other players, but she was lucky breast have her familiar, Pina, to keep her company. After she got fame and recognition, she got anime and left the group she was in, losing Pina in an attack. She now realizes that Pina is important to her and she is searching for a way to bring her familiar back to her.

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One day players started to wake up in the World, unable to log off and return to the real world. It is shortly discovered that the creator behind SAO has kidnapped all of its players and will only allow them to log out after they have beat the tower. Our flat chest beast charmer is one of those who must fight to return to reality. Even though she was a foolish girl who let fame get to her head, once she has been shown her mistakes she puckers up and get back onto the right track.

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Keeping in mind of her mistakes and a keen eye on the future, one where she will have her familiar back. Tomo : "What parts of me do you think are womanly?

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Tanaka: Some women don't have any goddamn cushions on them, right? A-Cup Angst Fan Works. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?