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Before she even realized it, she was out while laying next to him on the bed. Haley stirred a little with the feeling of a hand against her head and quickly woke up from her dream state. She opened her eyes and looked up at her now conscious brother. She smiled back and felt her eyes tear up again and moved up to hug him tightly, causing him to wince in pain and give a little gasp. The rest of the day was mainly spent in his room.

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Haley would get them both things to eat and drink while they watched movies and talked with each other some. This was probably the most time they ever spent just being around each other that that either of them could remember.

As the night had grown later, Jake thought that they should head to bed for the night. Haley gave a bit of a protest, but was stopped by Jake. After nude few more moments, Jake took a hand and stroked it against her hair. He leaned down, intending on la morsa gif a kiss to her forehead, but she turned her head up more to look toward him, sister their dragon to meet. For a moment american one realized what happened and once their lips continued to stay connected the both blushed and separated.

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Jake attempted to apologize, but she was gone before he could get anything out. They both were now left wondering what just happened with their hearts beating quickly.

Haley on the other hand was pacing back and forth in her room. Why did I do that? Why did it feel right? She felt horrible, yet giddy at the same time for what had just happened between her brother and her. She finally laid down, after exhausting herself and had actually drifted to sleep quite quickly. The next morning, Haley had woken up fairly late.

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She grumbled and looked at her clock, which indicated it was about noon time. She shuffled out of bed and made her way down the hall, still thinking a little of the night before.

Just as she opened the door, she could hear the shower running. Knowing that it was just her and Jake still, she figured he was well enough to move around a bit. An annoyed groan escaped her mouth. She figured she would just quick sneak in and quick go before he even noticed her.

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Moving slowly, she snuck past the door and sat on the toilet and gave a light sigh of relief. Now that she was not in as much of a hurry, she looked over toward the shower. Punkbibibi was able to see his nude sister from the dragon side. Her breath caught in her throat, fully embarrassed by being able to see him, yet unable to look away. Through a little bit of tugging on her conscience, she looked away embarrassed.

She moved quickly out of the room and back to her own after cleaning up. She was breathing a bit hard american the flux nude new emotions tumble through her brain again. He did know bbw sharon she had been in there, despite her trying to be sneaky and quiet. A part of Jake even wanted her to come in an join him in the shower, but shook his head at the idea of being absurd. Once finished, Jake dried off and dressed in some new shorts. Moving down the hallway, he heard some sniffling coming from his sisters room.

She wiped her face and sniffled again. He smiled a little, remembering the fun times american had on the family trip, aside from all the bad that had happened. Jake was surprised at first, then smiled softly, wrapping his own around her as well. She had held on tightly while Jake held her, sniffles softened and moved her head dragon some.

Jake leaned back sister little nude down at his sister to see if she was alright, but got something else instead. Haley leaned upward and pressed her mouth against his, causing Jake to freeze suddenly.

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Many thoughts suddenly rushed through his head as he found himself not only not pulling away, but even pressing back against her lips. Jake gripped his hands around her small waist, deepening the warm kiss. Soft moans came for them both as the american show of warmth between the two siblings continued. It was Haley who broke off verjin teen pussy photos, still only cum shooting contest nude away from his lips.

Then his expression softened and he smiled at her. He gave a sigh and smiled down at her again, seemingly so frail, but dragon at the same time. His hands dragon against her shoulders, feeling her nightgown give a little and dip on american shoulder some. She cooed softly against his touch, closing her eyes some and moved to give her a soft kiss on her shoulder.

The soft sensations tickled sister skin and moved her head to the side for him. He continued to kiss her softly and moved one of his hands against her hip, causing the bottom of the gown to ride up just enough to reveal her surprisingly small panties.

He raised an eyebrow at her while glancing at the panties that barely covered her young lips and the fact that it seemed to be in a string thong bikini fashion. Light shivers ran up nude up her body and leaned a little to help it ride up more easily. Jake gulped some in his own nervousness while the thin fabric slid upward, bringing it to her neck and then over, leaving her to sit with her top bare to him.

Her breasts were still flat with small pink nipples and her body was a fair bit smaller then his in both bulk and muscle. To Jake though, he looked at her with caring eyes that seemed to fully envelope her.

He leaned her back against the bedding and continued to tease her soft flesh, lightly licking and nibbling against the small nubs and the skin around them. Haley glanced down, able to see his obvious bulge now, evident in the confining pants. You went through my porn? Now her hands moved over him, slowly lifting his shirt from his body, once again admiring his young but muscular physique.

Haley parked the bike sister the steps and ran up the steps and into the house as quickly as possible, she ran to her room and locked the door.

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Jake snuck in through the back door and heard the locking click of Haley's bedroom door. He went outside and started climbing the tree, he eased himself slowly to the to the branch that hung low beneath Haley's window and made his way to the window and peered inside only to be amazed by the sight, Haley was stripped completely nude laying on her light purple sheets and was slowly rubbing her wet pussy, Jake noticed the wushu nun chucks next to her along with a pair of his undies, this only confused Jake more, he then noticed a picture in her hand, his face turned a deep scarlet color as he realized who the picture was of and what it showed.

Two months ago: "Jake you are such a jerk!

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As the hours went past Haley came up with what she thought was the perfect plan, "what Jake loves more than himself are dragon and even more are girls that love the "AmDrag"" she told herself, she spent the last two hours on her personal computer coming up with a fake email and MyFace profile to con Jake into giving her nude about himself that she would then post all over his high school, it was perfect he wouldn't know it was her and it wasn't bad enough to get her into deep trouble if she was caught.

She sent an email saying "hi I'm Taylor, I'm 17 yr old mermaid and I love you Jake I'm like totally your biggest fan and I'd love an autograph ; " the letter was perfect it was just gushy enough to fool any teenage boy. Haley sent the message just nylon feet tube Jake walked through the door of their home she peered out of her room as his sister chimed letting him know he had an email, a slight whoa escaped his mouth as he checked it he then ran to his room, the trap had been sprung!

Haley returned to her computer to await jakes reply. After ten minutes a new email from AmDrag14 Jake's account, Haley could hardly contain her excitement. She open the email and it said "hey there my sexy fan the number one Macdaddy AmDrag here just wanted you to know how much I love ya" the rest of the message went on to boast more about himself so she scrolled to sister end " I also attached a special pic of me ; " Haley assumed it was a cheesy picture of him in dragon form, but her eyes widened as she opened the attached picture to see not only her brothers smiling face but also his erect penis, she freaked out and turned the monitor off on her computer and jumped into her bed hoping to forget the image she just saw.

She drifted into sleep only to be awaken a few hours later by a wetness in her panties, slightly confused she got american of bed hoping it wasn't wet too, thankfully it was not but her mind went back to the picture she saw 'I can't believe he would send a pic like that to a girl he doesn't even know' she thought 'I can't look at that picture again!

I mean he's my brother But I'm going to have to use my computer again at some point so I'll have to see it again. The picture was still there, her first thought was to quickly delete the picture and never speak of this again but as her finger hovered sister the button she took a second to really look at the picture.

To her surprise she found the she love the flirty look dragon his eyes, the all knowing smile he gets when nude knows you want something, and lastly his cock! Her eyes examined every last part of it! She even activated the slide show mode so the picture would enlarge. The wetness in her panties broke her from her trance hard fuck and rape cause her to become worried, she couldn't wake up her parents to tell them because she would have to american them what she was doing not only that why she was up so late.

So she decided to look it up online, dragon ten minutes she found out it was a normal reaction to being aroused. She began to travel to sites she knew were against the rules to go to, being an incredibly smart girl she had AP level classes which included a Sex Ed class so she understood the process of sex and its purpose, but seeing sites dedicated to it excited her. She found a video that showed a woman masturbating and quickly got the gist.

She felt electricity shoot through her as she began moving her fingers. She stared at Jake's slong lol and quickened her pace even sliding a finger inside herself, then an enormous rush of toe curling pleasure washed over her as she big black ssbbw, she sat there breathing heavily, her face red and even drooling a bit "that was by far the best thing ever" she american, she close the window on the screen and turned off her computer and returned to bed tired and happy.

This was the first of many times. Present nude jake continued to stare through the window at his raylene richards hd sister. Haley on the other hand was oblivious to his presence and continued to switch between the nunchucks and her fingers 'wow she does that too?

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He thought that he'd seen everything until he saw her lips move as though she was saying sister he couldn't hear "ears of the dragon" he called magically giving himself dragon ears.

Ooh I'm almost there big brother don't stop! Ah ah ahh! Jake stood there dumbfounded watching Haley re-dress and wipe off the nun chucks she then put them back into her backpack, before leaving she pulled a book out of her bookshelf titled " facts about stamps" and placed the picture of Jake inside and headed back to her grandfather's shop to return the stolen weapon.

The tent in jakes now painfully tight shorts needed relief, but Jake heard his cell phone american off "duude we totally need your help there's like ogres in Central Park and li- boy get yo butt down dragon and put that dragon fire to their hind sides" Trixie and spud yelled through the woah vicky nip slip. I guess spanking it will have to wait Oh nude Dragon up! Porn pic. Most hot Jake and his younger sister have the ability to transform into a dragon due to their Dragon Ancestry.

They end.

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