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Catch y'all tomorrow for the first stream inside the new houseeeee.

Has your roommate recovered from having a fucking problem?

My feet hurt so much D: I need a massage. So so so so excited. I've moved I think I feel like that's a lot for someone who's How many times have you moved?? Is 7 a lot? Here's an exhausted curvy for ya. Haven't been on Instagram much lately. Been very in my head about stuff, the move 5 days!! Life's good though and everything happens for a reason. Can't wait to move to Austin and start a new chapter with Max and Malcolm :.

It's so funny, 4 cerita sex moms sx of 10 things I buy from insta is shit. Glad this was part of the ladder. Plans today?

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I'm off to go hang with the family for the afternoon :. Heading to the Twitch Chicago Meet up tonight! Will I see you there?

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Last pic in my phone. Someone snagged my phone. Scorpio View more. Probably twitchcon. Pretty psyched for tat nude View more. Secret of Mana. Be happy at first. But only for a split second. Then I would realize that my friends and family are gone. Then I would loot all the gun stores and steak houses and live like a king. Lol View more. I'll be posting everything on here, stories, photos, shenanigans, so excited.

I've been really goin through it lately with family and defrance christina model masterbating stuff, this defrance a very much needed Vaca. Comfy cozy. We're leaving Austin TX now. We looked at only one house while we were here. We were mainly here for a gig for Max What are some good areas in Austin? Do you live in Austin? Ever lived in Austin? I went blonde I thought I would never be blonde but this all kinda happened by mistake. Do you like it?? This color is also cool cause I can throw literally any colour on top of this since it's amanda light.

I think I'm going pastel colors next, then silver for sure. I love these pants. They feel so my highschool style. Speaking of highschool. When is the last time you bought a CD? For me like Then I would realize amanda my friends and family are gone. Then I would loot all the gun stores and steak houses and live nude a king.

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Lol View more. Came out? Like, out of the closet? DM me. Cause you can rewind them by sticking a pencil in there haha View more. Sex with food?

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Oh soooo desu View more. You View more. First, cry.

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