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Flashing sluts and orgies between teens and matures 9 min. Asian Cute Lucy Lee have creampie 22 min. Just a thought. In the case that aaron puts a watermark the guy who pays doesnt get in trouble, but the one that gets the image pack is the one that gets in trouble. They want to pay money to get stuff u18chan was bought from you.

Well that might make sense if it was something physical but digital data? I don't understand people. Thought you said other people were selling your Patreon art. Are you saying some people are asking those of u18chan that bought the Sept. Hey Aaron I don't think I'll be able to get the Oct.

I'm tempted aaron just take the money and book it. Or maybe take the money, but THEN report them, claiming that I was waiting for the exchange of money to make things official.

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Vigilante justice with cash on the side. Then they've got your email, and can spam you or something. Not a healthy idea. Best to just block and report them. They can. Personally, I just wait for people to eventually post the content fo free on FA. That being said, it is still shitty of the people to bribe others who may or may not have what aaron are looking for just for a little extra smut.

What's worse is a lot of the time if you read between the lines, a lot of artists are essentially saying "if you don't pledge money to me on Patreon then u18chan a free-loading son-of-a-whore," so I can understand why people are doing this even though it's u18chan.

I can see where you're coming from, saying that. Though I do understand why artists go Patreon. I mean. Money you can count on and such, even if you're just posting doodles in between pictures people payed you for.

Makes you feel like every bit you do will make money. Iiii just wish the one I -do- follow Would post more of the stuff I pledged to pay for, to be able to see. Hey, this is actually a thing with Facebook and their investing companies who have ads on the site.

The companies ask Facebook for a specific picture from someone's photos in spamtheweb com play super deep throat account, and will pay a massive amount for that one picture.

One woman's photo of her, her playmate marie, and her children was used in a billboard in some country in Europe.

So yes, this is a thing. Actually, it is similar if you think about it. He was talking about someone paying him for something from a pack, and in Facebook's case, the persons photo gallery is almost directly similar to a pack when they're using albums to organize photos, so nearly similar. Only good difference here is he rejected the idiots offer. Facebook is violating Data Protection laws if they sold someone's picture for use aaron advertising.

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A guy paid another for a single piece of art from a pack instead of paying the artist directly. Not the same thing. Not even close. I'm not going to keep arguing; that is your opinion. I have mine. How unsettling, if anyone wants to pay me to steal art for them I might just get art for myself. Sucks that's happening to you Big Ram.

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When you got peeps paying other peeps to get your stuff, that's when you know that you draw good :V. I don't. I mean. I don't even. I mean I really don't. Never thought that there would be a black market for furry art. May have to take that as a compliment. FYIU, you can get in trouble for Doxxing, better remove the user's fa link from yoru journal.

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I actually recently had someone u18chan me with this particular scenario. I won't name who they are here, I'll send you a PM privately, so as not to start any potential drama here in the journal. However, what this person explained to me is that they really wanted just one particular image from the art pack, and didn't want to spend the full art pack price for just one pic.

I can aaron see where they're coming from with this, however that isn't to say I condone what they've been doing. I think it's wrong that they are going to other people offering to pay them, rather indianhandjob going to you personally since its your artwork.

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